Waste Logics provides a ‘track and trace’ system that uses data aggregation to provide insights into the value chains in waste management, reducing landfill.
Waste Logics is a service contributing to the delivery of a data product. It offers cloud-based waste management software that effectively enables data to be used to manage waste operations and materials flows more effectively, providing ‘actionable insights in from real-time data’ that enable better control and evaluation of valuable waste streams. The aim of the service is to improve commerciality of waste management and materials recovery, which is often challenging. Waste Logics can be seen as an enabler to expanding and stabilising the much-needed infrastructure for waste recovery and re-processing that focuses on avoiding landfill and incineration.

Effectively, Waste Logics:
- helps waste management companies analyse data to inform decisions about how to improve their stats on what is able to be recovered/recycled and diverted from landfill
- Clients makes this data available to their customers offering 100% transparency. They can illustrate the carbon emission saving for the waste producer that is achieved by processing the waste the way they do rather than it going to landfill
- Helps its clients better optimise the routes for the fleet each day, making them more cost effective for our client and the environment

Resources needed

No public investment. Consideration of where affordable expertise is located (software developers). The team for Waste Logics is now 35 strong, 9 based in customer services and new business acquisition with the remainder based in Minsk working on technical, QA, development and testing of software.

Evidence of success

Waste Logics has been operational since 2006 and now has 160 clients in 7 countries. Whilst the individual client data is private, over one 12 month period (Sept 19 to August 20), work with just one client alone with 256,456 tonnes of waste, enabled 190,341 tonnes to be recycled (74%), 63,978 tonnes recovered (25%), with only 2,138 tonnes going to landfill (1%), enabling 35,816 tonnes of carbon to be saved.

Difficulties encountered

Learning for software programming, design, QA; Access to skills base; software skills not available in the UK to right standard/price so it’s difficult to develop people or consider having this function locally.

Potential for learning or transfer

Waste Logics is a private company that is based in Manchester but actively working with 160 Waste Management companies in UK, Republic of Ireland, US, Cyprus, Australia, and New Zealand.

The key to Waste Logics success to the traceability/transparency tools they offer, allowing visualisation and integration of the multiple processes involved in waste recovery and reprocessing. By using data-insights to enable better decision making, improve efficiency, link stakeholders together to enhance the value chain etc. its shows the importance of big data services around supporting transition to the Circular Economy. Track and trace of materials will be key to their valorisation.
Main institution
Waste Logics
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Start Date
January 2006
End Date


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