The practice facilitates the movement of persons with locomotor disability in Timișoara by introducing a free of charge “door-to-door” transport service.
In 2019, the Municipality of Timișoara together with the Local Transport Company (STPT) started a new transport service destined for persons with locomotor disability in order to facilitate their movement within the city. The service is free of charge and is available only to the persons with locomotor disability registered in the database transmitted by the Social Assistance Directorate of the municipality.
The persons who need the service can request it by a free of charge phone call to the STPT call centre or by an email for future planned departures, that will contain the name of the beneficiary, the departure/arrival address, the date and time of departure(s).
The transport service is available for persons with locomotor disability from Monday to Sunday between 8 am and 8 pm, and is made only within the urban area of the Municipality of Timișoara. For this service, the Local Transport Company deploys four Dacia Dokker vehicles adapted with ramps for wheelchair access. The drivers are in charge of the administrative tasks, they ensure the manipulation of the wheelchair ramp, assist with loading and unloading, ensure the connection of the wheelchair in the predefined position, check the closing and locking of the access doors. Persons with locomotor disability can be accompanied by only one other person.

Resources needed

The Local Transport Company paid about 90.000 euros for 4 Dacia Dokker vehicles, while the service is financially supported by the Municipality.
Resources needed for the operation of the service:
• Human resources
• 4 Dacia Dokker vehicles adapted for persons with locomotor disability

Evidence of success

Main results:
• The service is used on a daily basis at maximum capacity
• As of 2019, a number of 3991 underage persons and 5816 adults benefitted from the service

Difficulties encountered

Some days there were more requests for transport than available cars.

Potential for learning or transfer

In Romania and in several other countries, persons with disabilities face limited access to the public transport system - means of transport and related technical and municipal infrastructure.
A transport service for people with disabilities such as the one operated by the Municipality and the Local Transport Company in Timișoara facilitates the mobility of these persons, thus eliminating obstacles in accessing all public services leading to stimulating an independent life and the participation in society and economy for people with disabilities.
This special transport service could be a good example for other cities and regions wishing to offer such a service.

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Main institution
Societatea de Transport Public Timișoara
Vest, Romania (România)
Start Date
August 2019
End Date


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