Programme providing all the support services start-up companies need to grow on global markets.
Go:Global Slovenia start-up accelerator offers companies that have already found their product-market fit, all elements they need to successfully embark on rapid global growth in form of capital, know-how and international connections.
Pre-investment programme for interested companies:
-promotional roadshow events
-intensive two-day investment readiness programme with experts (growth strategy, investment documentation and conditions, improving pitching skills)
-demo day (presentation of company to the panel).
After first phase company enters tender of Slovene Enterprise Fund for €200,000 public equity investment, allowing the beginning of expansion to foreign markets and embarking on further product development.
Post-investment program for companies that obtained the investment:
-educational support program: fundamental knowledge about fast global growth of company (i.e. winning additional financial and human resources, company organisation, entering foreign markets, managing its growth)
-start-up mentor: individual help to the company with advice and contacts
-start-up expert council: guides company management
-administrative, financial and promotional help from experienced business consultant who helps with reports, national and international promotion
-hub helps in obtaining additional funding (private international, Slovene investors, venture capital funds) and further expansion to foreign markets (co-operating with 50 other global entrepreneurial hubs).

Resources needed

Go:Global is co-financed by ERDF; Ministry of Economic Development and Technology; and Slovene Enterprise Fund. Additionally, it has 6 private investors - Venture capital companies that offer funding in various ranges.

Evidence of success

In the years 2014 and 2017 eleven companies received Go:Global Slovenia accelerator programme and investment. Participants of the programme stated that they are satisfied with the results of the Go:Global programme because they get the right kind of information and skills from experienced managers and other experts.

Potential for learning or transfer

Practice, implemented under Priority Axis 3 of OP for Implementation of EU Cohesion Policy in Republic of Slovenia 2014 – 2020, showcases a simple process that optimizes energy investment of a funders at every step. At the same time practice, implemented in strategic partnership of Technology park Ljubljana, IRP (Venture Factory) and Slovene Enterprise Fund offers an incredible value added to companies - apart from assistance in preparation and submission of application and acquiring of seed capital, practice assures all the necessary elements for innovative companies' global growth (up to date information and knowledge, experienced mentors, additional private investors, international promotion, network of connections, infrastructural and administrative support).
Practice is transferable in terms of organisational model / implementation process, specific tools, definition of financial feasibility, methodology for the involvement of the targeted stakeholders and marketing strategy.

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Main institution
IRP (Venture factory)
Vzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
January 2014
End Date


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