The Cantiere green protocol is a Save the Planet Onlus project which aims to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) deriving from the use of electrical equipment on site
How can I check and calculate the CO2eq production on the site deriving from electrical machines? According to an estimate by the Save the Planet research center, the emissions deriving from the use of electrical equipment on site are about 40% of the total GHG emissions produced. Only a small part of the builders are aware of what their sites emits, and of the possibility of supplying renewable energy with zero impact on the environment. Raising awareness among entrepreneurs allows to encourage the use of renewable energies (by increasing the demand), and to incentivize the transition and investments towards electrical energy machinery. Save the Planet uses green electricity companies for the project, which can certify the origin of the energy supplied, which must come from 100% renewable sources. In Italy these certificates are called GO (guarantee of origin), and they guarantee with certainty the type of electricity supplied. To keep the energy consumed on site under control, Iot measuring instruments (certified Smart Meters) are used; the accuracy of the on-site measurement is indicative of real-time CO2 production and savings. Through this protocol it is possible to generate carbon credits, which can be resold on the voluntary carbon credit market, creating a virtuous circuit. Each carbon credit is in fact equivalent to a ton of CO2eq saved. This mechanism for saving CO2 emissions can be perfectly integrated with the current protocols used in construction to build.

Resources needed

As regards the resources used to structure and develop the project, 2 technicians were employed: a civil engineer and an environmental engineer for a period of approximately two months; for the IT and supply of Smart Meter devices, we used external suppliers. We currently have two project managers.

Evidence of success

The success that emerges from the "Cantiere green" protocol is highlighted in various aspects and results achieved.As a first goal, having reached about 50 construction sites in 11 months of the project with the first Italian protocol for the reduction of CO2 on site; consequently, after 11 months from the start of the project, with the application of the protocol, being able to obtain a significant saving of CO2 in the atmosphere equal to 308 Ton CO2eq.

Difficulties encountered

The digitization of the construction site area with certified IOT devices for remotely monitored electricity consumption;

Potential for learning or transfer

The potential of the project is also significant in terms of scalability and versatility. The "Cantiere green" protocol can be adopted by construction companies that have construction sites with electricity meters, wherever they are. Currently, we have construction sites in northern and southern Italy, with powers activated on the meter from a minimum of 10 kW to a maximum of 50 kW (peak power);
we can manage powers up to 100kw with the use of three-phase smart meters.The protocol aims to support the construction sector in reducing its environmental impact, for a company with low CO2 emissions. Reporting real cases, we find average annual consumption of about 20,000 kWh / year; with the adoption of the protocol, approximately 6.2TonCO2eq / year are saved. The protocol also has a lot of potential for developing European countries, where we find very high CO2 emissions in the compositions of national energy mixes, thus obtaining even better results.

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