Integral Quality Own-Control Program and Traceability of the Meat Industry (PACIC)
The Business Federation of Meat and Meat Industries (FECIC) was created in 1978 and is currently the organization state-level company that represents and defends the interests of companies in the meat sector located in Spain. At present, FECIC groups some 200 companies that are dedicated so much to slaughter of animals of the bovine, porcine, caprine and equine species, such as the cutting of its meats and the transformation of these into derivatives processed meat.

FECIC's Integral Program for Quality Own-Control and Traceability of the Meat Industry (PACIC) ensures that companies correctly comply with established labelling standards and that it counts with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

This voluntary own-control plan, aimed at meat product manufacturing plants, slaughterhouses and cutting rooms, assesses the labelling and traceability of the meat as well as the quality and labelling of meat derivatives, by means of an additional and independent control to those who already carry out the companies internally and verifies, throughout the meat chain (slaughter, cutting and production of products), compliance with current legislation on quality, traceability and labelling.

Resources needed

Human resources required.

Evidence of success

Currently the PACIC program is made up of more than 48 companies whithin the Catalan meat sector. They are both large and SMEs that work together pursuing the same objective, the improvement of their internal quality control systems in order to promote growth and a greater appreciation of their products they market.

Difficulties encountered

It is a quality control program to which any company can register voluntarily, it involves an annual economic cost and greater control. The difficulties in this regard may be the extra technical and economic resources that this extra control implies.

Potential for learning or transfer

The creation of this group of professionals and companies in the meat sector has great potential to collaborate and exchange knowledge and experiences. Added to this, the constant work seeking improvement in those areas where it is necessary to influence more effectively, such as quality own-control systems, we see in this type of project a great opportunity for both large and small companies of agri-food sector that can enhance their quality standards to grow and be more competitive.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Cataluña
Start Date
January 2021
End Date


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