Elaboration of the Guide for the implantation of a food quality own-control system in agri-food SMEs.
The aim of this guide is to help food operators to establish their own-control system so that they guarantee the quality of the products they elaborate in compliance with the requirements of Catalan Regulation, Law 14/2003, June 13th of agri-food quality, Title III.
It is a widespread fact that, in recent years, professionals in the agri-food sector have acquired a high theoretical and practical knowledge of hygiene practices, possibly motivated by the repercussions of health crises. However, on the contrary, it is still found that there is a lack of information regarding agri-food quality concept and its application. This guide was developed to complement existing guidelines for good hygiene practices, with the aim of contextualizing agri-food quality control and facilitating a practical approach to implement an own-control system for the food operators.
In this document, you will find guidelines for structuring an own-monitoring system that meets the mandatory requirements defined by the legislation, and others that are not mandatory but may be useful to implement.
You will also find explanations and recommendations on the main concepts and activities that should be carried out, interspersed with the fragments of the articles of the Catalan Regulation Law 14/2003 that are related to.
The purpose is to provide tools so that food operators can easily develop their own-control system, or adapt and complete the one they are already executing.

Resources needed

Human resources required: team of agri-food inspectors

Evidence of success

Conferences offered to professionals in the agri-food sector for the presentation of the guide and introduction to it:

"Presentation of the Guide for the implementation of a food qualify own-control system for agri-food SMEs”.

- April 26, 2017, Monells (Girona)

- September 27, 2018, Lleida
- July 10, 2018, Constantí (Tarragona).

- May 8, 2019, Barcelona
- May 23, 2019, Constantí (Tarragona).
- October 24, 2019, Lleida.

Difficulties encountered

This document serves as support for the understanding and implementation of an own-control system in agri-food companies, even so, the existence of dedication and a certain degree of professionalism in the matter is necessary to understand and adapt the provisions in an efficient and correct way.

Potential for learning or transfer

The purpose of this guide is to make understand in a practical way for the agri-food operators, the provisions related to food quality regulated by Catalan Law 14/2003 and more specifically, to address how to establish an own-system of control of food quality through a didactic approach.

With this publication, we believe that it is interesting to note that in order to work in line with quality control and the fight against fraud, a very important way of work is the prevention.

It is therefore important to share the work methodology in line with fraud prevention and laying the foundations to understand the applicable regulations. In this case, it focuses on the regulation of the region, in accordance on both the Spanish state regulation Law 28/2015, which stablishes the bases for food quality, and the European horizontal regulation, which establishes the principles of food legislation, Regulation 178/2002.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Cataluña
Start Date
January 2017
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