West Midlands SME Internationalisation Innovation Centre provided a ‘one stop shop’ to companies that were looking to internationalise.
WM SME Internationalisation – Internationalisation Innovation Centre provided a “one stop shop” to companies that were looking to internationalise who had a specific question/concern related to innovation – this could include intellectual property, licensing, product development and product design.

The service was delivered by Coventry University Enterprises Ltd (CUE Ltd) and Intatrade. Companies accessed the service through either their International Trade Adviser or attending a seminar/workshop.

The support was a one to one approach and giving very specific support especially on IPR, research and development, licensing, joint venture, legal issues and trademarks

Resources needed

The cost of developing a centre for SMEs to either call or attend for assistance would be the main costs along with specialise personnel who would deliver the service. The cost of an adviser is £55.00 per year.

Evidence of success

The project was part of the SME Internationalisation project but which provided the initial first point of contact for companies who had a SME Internationalisation related query. The success of the Good practice centred on signposting regional SMEs to the correct support and offering advice.
24 companies received dedicated support. This also generated a total of 516 SMEs assisted. This figure is also linked to the financial support that was run in parallel with this support scheme.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice is transferrable and would only require specialist advisers and a budget for hosting workshops and seminars.
Main institution
Coventry University Enterprises
West Midlands, United Kingdom
Start Date
January 2010
End Date
December 2012


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