Ostrava's first public workshop space welcomes the general public and professionals to the craft incubator space FAJNA DILNA.
The workshop space offers a technical practice that promotes passion-based learning—the core of FAJNA DILNA practice bases around the concept of DIY workshops (Do It Yourself). The primary goal of FAJNA DILNA is to offer the general public of Ostrava the opportunity to explore diverse crafts and learn new skills under the expert guidance of workshop masters and interdisciplinary lecturers. The public can enter workshops around various themes concerning fashion and textile design, carpentry, 3D printing, programming with Arduino, ceramics, and metal workshops.

Those who are more mature and experienced with their craft or are professionals in their respective fields can utilize opportunities to implement larger projects with FAJNA DILNA professionals' advice, for example, in business, product development, or marketing. The FAJNA DILNA services are for artisans, entrepreneurs, DIY enthusiasts, artists, designers, and the general public.

FAJNA DILNA also offers the possibility of membership. This guarantees advantages, for example, discounted prices when purchasing materials.

Resources needed

The city of Ostrava and the VŠB Technical University of Ostrava funds FAJNA DILNA with annual operating costs of around 227 200 euro. These are all operating costs plus workshop equipment. Fajna Dilna has two employees and a couple of workshop lecturers.

Evidence of success

In 2019, 4,900 people visited FAJNA DILNA. Around 108 events and workshops were organised. Furthermore, 14 users established a trade license as an outcome of regular visits to FAJNA DILNA.

Difficulties encountered

Difficulties encountered were permit licenses for the construction of the FAJNA DILNA premises.

Potential for learning or transfer

The public workshop space and craft incubator serve as a good example that educates and encourages citizens to make and repair their products instead of purchasing new ones.

FAJNA DILNA has workshops and programs aimed at students in the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades of primary school that promote technical development and training of skills, awareness, and interest in multidisciplinary fields of technical know-how and craft nature that contribute to a new kind of learning culture.

Furthermore, FAJNA DILNA services include a communal garden project, where Ostrava residents can rent a plantation box for urban gardening for the monthly price of 3.5 euro. The service includes access to an outdoor barbeque.
Main institution
Řemeslný inkubátor Ostrava
Moravskoslezsko, Czech Republic (Česká Republika)
Start Date
October 2016
End Date


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