Digital Business Points - an initiative of Unioncamere (Italian Chambers of Commerce) aimed at supporting the digitalization of SMEs
Digital Business Points are service structures located at the Chambers of Commerce throughout Italy to spread out the culture and practice of digitalization in the MPMI (Micro Small Medium Enterprises) of all economic sectors. The network of 'physical' points is joined by a 'virtual' network through the use and wide range of digital tools: specialized sites, forums and communities, use of social media.
The following services are provided to regional entrepreneurs:
• self-assessment of the digitalization level;
• mapping of the digital maturity of companies and assistance in starting digitization processes through assessment and mentoring services;
• training, information and mentoring services in the field of business digitalization;
• provision of financial support through digitalization vouchers.

Resources needed

Budget 2020: € 373.982,85 (Internal cost €18.130,18; external cost €198.780,00; voucher €157.072,67)
Experts Staff: 5 Digital Promoters, 3 Coordinators, 1 leader.
Financed by Chamber of Commerce of Basilicata

Evidence of success

- over 600 entrepreneurs have benefited from the services of the PID at regional level;
- over 350 have attended courses & information events;
- 280 companies measured their digital maturity with the SELFI self-assessment test 4.0;
- ~50 entrepreneurs carried out an in-depth assessment conducted by the Digital Promoters within the network;
- over 80 companies have had access to almost €600.000,00 through the vouchers by PIDs to purchase consulting & training services 4.0.

Potential for learning or transfer

PIDs can be considered as a tool for companies to increase the 'active' awareness on the possible solutions offered by digitalization and its benefits as well as on the risks associated with its non-use of digital tools and solutions.

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Main institution
Camera di Commercio della Basilicata (Chamber of Commerce)
Basilicata, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
November 2017
End Date


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