The Department of International Trade (DIT) run a series of Masterclasses and Clinics to better inform potential Exporters.
Within internationalisation support there are a number of subject areas that are important for success or that are of particular interest to potential and actual exporters. In order to support as many companies as possible the Department for International Trade (DIT) runs a series of Masterclasses, Clinics and are looking at webinars.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) West Midlands runs both Masterclasses (1/2day or full day) and one-2- one clinics (approximately 40 minutes) which are free to attend. Companies become aware of them either by referral from their International Trade Adviser or through receipt of promotional literature.

Using Masterclasses and webinars means a larger number of companies are able to learn about topics that are most important to exporters whilst having the opportunity to network with other like-minded SME’s. The Masterclasses and Clinics would then be followed up by an International Trade Adviser visit if required.

Resources needed

The resources required for this Good Practice would entail a budget to deliver regular workshops and tailored clinics along with personnel costs associated with delivering the programme of events.

Evidence of success

Increased the awareness and knowledge of companies in the principal areas related to exporting effectively and successfully with the aim of:
1) Increased the number of exporters in the West Midlands
2) Increased the exports of companies already currently exporting in the West Midlands

Potential for learning or transfer

This activity can be transferred to other regions where there is a demand for specific Masterclasses, webinars and clinics. Access to experts in key SME internationalisation areas who are able to run masterclasses and workshops is key to successfully delivering this programme.
Main institution
UK Department for International Trade (DIT) delivered by West Midlands Chamber of Commerce Limited Liability Partnership (WMCCLLP)
West Midlands, United Kingdom
Start Date
May 2015
End Date


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