A proactive programme to promote the expertise of West Midlands companies in targeted sectors to overseas buyers.
The west midlands has many industrial strengths in particular in:
Creativity/Digital Media
Advanced Engineering
Defence and Security
Transport Technologies (aerospace/automotive)
Food and Drink

Within these sectors are high performing, experienced companies (many are already in supply chains to the OEM’s and this particular practice will highlight these companies to overseas buyers and encourage them to include west midlands companies in their supply chains.

Essentially companies will be identified and profiled and incorporated in a brochure which will be distributed to Overseas buyers.

Resources needed

Cost of design and print of brochure £10k
Personnel costs of a network of advisers throughout key markets, along with personnel in the region to support SMEs who wish target overseas markets.
International trade advisers costs and support administration £55k/year each

Evidence of success

The Good practice is currently in its development stage but it is expected that profiled companies will gain significant contracts through being profiled in this unique way.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice relied heavily on an existing network of personnel through the world which were already in place through the department of trade and the foreign and Commonwealth Office. This network already had contacts with potential overseas buyers which enabled the promotion expertise of West Midlands companies to happen relatively easily. If a region has a similar network in place the introduction of a similar practice given there is sufficient funding available would be easily replicable.
Main institution
UK Department for International Trade (DIT) delivered by West Midlands Chamber of Commerce Limited Liability Partnership (WMCCLLP)
West Midlands, United Kingdom
Start Date
May 2017
End Date


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