Department of International Trade (DIT) West Midlands run a programme of missions at various international markets and exhibitions.
Department of International Trade (DIT) West Midlands runs a programme of missions. The missions are aimed at different audiences (new to export and more experienced exporters) and are aimed at sectors and markets that offer the best opportunities for companies. Sometimes the missions can be based around a specific exhibition.

This is a proactive programme that assists companies to “get out there and visit the market”. Testing an overseas market can only really be done by visiting it – ensuring they are prepared, have the support of trade advisers and funding to assist them.

The support packages includes the following:
• pre-mission preparation - briefings on market/identification of contacts
• The Mission - in market briefings and activity, the benefits of travelling with a group of other business persons
• Post mission activity - following up contacts you have met

Resources needed

Cost of personnel to organise the logistics and administration of trade missions
The resources needed for this Good Practice centre around a network of teams based in over 100 countries around the word who have the potential to develop a meaningful trade mission to potential target markets.

Evidence of success

Currently there are 8 outward missions’ planned to various places for 80 SMEs.

Potential for learning or transfer

Having an overseas network is important in order to cover all overseas markets, allowing companies to draw upon a bigger integrated pool of overseas support. Helping SMEs to better understand their target market by organising trade missions to meet potential buyers is transferable to other regions.
Main institution
UK department for International Trade (DIT) delivered by West Midlands Chamber of Commerce Limited Liability Partnership (WMCCLLP)
West Midlands, United Kingdom
Start Date
May 2017
End Date


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