The practice acts as a tool for the information and awareness regarding the natural values of Piatra Craiului National Park.
Piatra Craiului National Park was founded in 1999. So it was necessary to offer detailed information regarding the park’s biodiversity. When the four thematic trails were established many visitors were not aware about the richness in flora and fauna, geological uniqueness and about the importance of their conservation. In 2016 the Piatra Craiului National Park’s Visitor Center was established which acts as an information stream for all tourist categories, who can learn about the park’s infrastructure using a 3D model of the park. This model can be adapted to the information you need for your trip, like tourist trails etc. The thematic trails are located in the north-east part of the National Park and are the main starting point for hiking towards the ridge of Piatra Craiului massif. Another important fact is that most of the visitors are choosing these thematic trails either to reach the ridge, or just to walk/hike along them. As visitors are hiking these trails they have the opportunity to gain information by observing the information boards and also to admire the surrounding landscape and apply the gained data in discovering the natural values. The information boards are attractive since they contain numerous pictures, drawings and descriptions on what is unique, protected and valuable for maintaining the conservation status.The main stakeholders and beneficiaries of the practice are visitors, hikers, bikers, pupils, students and local communities.

Resources needed

Between the years 2007 - 2013 from European Funds - 11.875 euro;
From 2016-ongoing, RNP Romsilva Piatra Craiului National Park Administration R.A. budget.

Evidence of success

The Piatra Craiului National Park (PCNP) is annually visited by more than 110.000 visitors. The information is accessible and placed where needed. Numerous field trips were organized. Numerous educational activities were organized for pupils. In 2006 the PCNP Administration received the European Diploma for the management of the protected area; In 2001 the PCNP Administration received the Eurosite Management Award. Since 2006 the PCNP is part of the Carpathian Network of Protected Areas.

Difficulties encountered

The most common problem encountered is the partial or total destruction of information boards and tourist indicators.

Potential for learning or transfer

Possibility to transfer the project details regarding the establishment of the thematic trails; the design of the information boards and signs; used materials to increase the durability of the information boards. Similar thematic trails already exist, but in a different county (Arges County).
Main institution
Start Date
January 2014
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