Voluntary certification scheme that classifies, compares and suggests improvement measures to increase the fleets’ energy and environmental efficiency
MOVE+ certification scheme is a voluntary scheme that classifies, compares and suggests improvement measures to increase the fleets’ energy and environmental efficiency. The goal is to identify and exploit the opportunities to optimize costs and minimize the fleets’ environmental impact.
This certification scheme operates through periodic audits to the fleet’s management practices, addressing vehicles, drivers, maintenance and fuel consumption indicators. The evaluation results in an annual certificate with a performance scale from F (worst) to A+ (better). Therefore, it displays the commitment on reducing the fleet’s environmental footprint in a simple way. Additionally, the auditor recommends energy and environmental efficiency improvement opportunities. Amongst these recommendations is the introduction of electric vehicles, whenever its feasible.
The certification process is carried out by auditors or companies trained and recognized by ADENE that work together with the organization's fleet manager to access fleet’s energy efficiency performance.
The MOVE+ certification scheme helps fleet manager to assess the fleet's energy, creates market to consulting and services companies and promotes professional training amongst fleet managers and auditors.

Resources needed

Project financed by ADENE, having a business plan for 6 years with a forecasted investment of about 705k€. In 2019 (year 0), ADENE invested about 100k€ in HR to deploy the project. For a 6-year period (2020 – 2026):
- Staff costs = 300k€
- IT Platform = 20k€
- Marketing = 185k€
- Other = 200k€

Evidence of success

MOVE+ certification scheme is on its first full commercial year. So far, the fleets’ managers feedback has been extremely positive. MOVE+ main KPIs are:
- 42 Certified Fleet Managers
- 5 Certified Fleet Auditors
- + 100 Participants at training sessions
- 21 Certified Fleets
- + 4000 Certified Vehicles
Between 2020 and 2026, it is estimated that the certification scheme will permit to avoid about 5k tones 0f CO2 emissions.

Potential for learning or transfer

A voluntary certification scheme like MOVE+ has the potential to be easily replicated. Furthermore,we should mention some key benefits of MOVE+ that contribute to its success, inclunding:
- Visual display of a fleets commitment on reducing its environmental footprint;
- Energy and environmental efficiency improvement opportunities tailor made recommendations;
- Promotion of electric vehicles;
- Fleets’ managers and auditors professional training promotion;
- Market and business opportunities creation amongst consulting and services companies.
- Create a close relationship with fleet owners and managers, enabling more efficient public policy rollout
MOVE+ certification system currently applies to light duty vehicles’ fleets only. Nevertheless, the system will be applied to freight vehicles’ fleets starting early 2022.

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Main institution
ADENE - Agência para a Energia
Lisboa, Portugal
Start Date
January 2020
End Date


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