Centre of Excellence for research and innovation in the field of Ophthalmology named “Abruzzo Regione della Vista” (Abruzzo Region of Sight).
The project aims to create a Centre of Excellence for research and innovation in the field of Ophthalmology.
The set of activities intends to encourage the creation of a positive environment to develop innovation, whose main actors are universities, SMEs and big enterprises placed in the region, which must increase their interactions with the “networks” of competences that actively operate in the sector at european and international level.
In this sense, the project allows the researchers and start-ups to reach the potential international market through a process of stimulus, selection, and promotion.
One of main aims of the project is to attract researchers, start-ups and enterprises in international panorama, and realize a new approach in the cooperation among enterprises, universities and researchers beyond the national borders. The project is included in the Development Agreement arranged by the National and Regional Government together with local actors in order to single out a strategic project using National and European Funds.
The first step is a recent call for proposals from the Abruzzo region, which activates the ESF for the internationalization of training courses and for the international attractiveness of university education institutions in international networks.
The new approach consists in stimulating the creation of startups in the regional territory also formed by international researchers through the assignment of specific research contracts.

Resources needed

The total amount is ca. 20 mln EUR. The first step amount 4,5 mln EUR funded at about 50% by ESF – ERDF Abruzzo 2014-2020.
The partnership:
Dompé farmaceutici: research activities
University D’Annunzio: higher learning
Capitank: promotion/financier of actions for the creation of Startups

Evidence of success

The project is being implemented and will have significant territorial repercussions for the creation of new businesses with high technological content and new employment in the reference sector.
"Abruzzo Region della Vista" contributes to the growth of the competitiveness of the health system of the Abruzzo Region.
Some indicators: Research on sight medicine, Creation of doctorate degrees, Launch of 5 – 10 new business (Start Up and Spin Off), Creation of 30 – 50 new jobs

Potential for learning or transfer

The project implements systematic activities of research, development, training and business creation through a public-private partnership which is involved in the implementation.
About the internationalization point of view, it is a positive example that takes place in both directions: attractiveness of researchers and innovative SMEs toward Abruzzo and support in disseminating and selling the result all over Policy-makers could can be inspired by the methodology: creating an international public-private cluster around a peculiar research and development activity.
Main institution
Abruzzo Region
Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2017
End Date


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