A Communication and culture adviser who provides advice and support to companies.
The importance of understanding potential customers, their language and culture and how to do business with them in their particular market is vital as significant business can be lost through lack of cultural awareness. The expertise and advice from a Communication and Culture adviser can add great value to a SMEs export strategy

Specifically the Culture and Communication Adviser provides advice and support to companies, helping them overcome many of the perceived and real communication barriers experienced by new and established exporters.

Culture and Communication Adviser service is accessed through a combination of referrals from International Trade Advisers and through market workshops and masterclasses.

The specialised regional workshops, called masterclasses were run free of charge for the companies to attend. Seven masterclasses – covering China, USA, Scandinavia, Germany, Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and India, were a superb introduction to the markets, giving companies a true insight into doing business in their target countries, which is available to all businesses giving them an excellent reason to take advantage of the experts.

Resources needed

Cost of a skilled advisers who specialises in communication and culture £55K Per year.

Evidence of success

Seven master classes have been successfully delivered in the past years.
Assisted an increased number of successful exporters in the West Midlands resulted in 36 exports wins. Exports wins are the indicator that are reported by companies who have been supported and evaluate the service they have received.

Potential for learning or transfer

There is potential for transferability of this good practice with the correct skilled culture and communication advisor which could either be delivered as a stand alone service or could easily be an ‘add on’ to existing SME internationalisation support services.
Main institution
UK Department for International Trade ( DIT) delivered by West Midlands Chamber of Commerce Limited Liability Partnership (WMCCLLP)
West Midlands, United Kingdom
Start Date
September 2016
End Date


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