Global Grant "+ Research and innovation": Creation of knowledge community for entrepreneurial growth and regional development
Global Grant "+ Research and innovation": (European Social Fund - objective Regional competitiveness and employment 2007-2013) aimed at creating knowledge community that contributed to entrepreneurial growth and regional development. It was promoted by Abruzzo Region to support interconnectivity between producers and academia, to achieve a true "chain of knowledge" in order to support the development and competitiveness of the regional economy.
One of the main activities concerned the international mobility of researchers.
Regional and/or transnational mobility include:
- implementation of promotion and support actions for the development of mobility initiatives in Italy and abroad, through implementation of appropriate information and consultative tools and development of regional networking;
- provision of mobility vouchers for industrial research initiatives, technology transfer and pre-competitive development: mobility vouchers as comprehensive lump sum allowances for participation in work experiences in Italy and in the European Union aimed at exchanging experiences and knowledge, completing joint projects or joint development initiatives, as well as supporting the realization of study experiences and / or research.
Global Grant "+ Research and innovation" promoted a joint path of internationalization of research and SMEs. In fact, researchers through special vouchers have been able to carry out research and development activities within SMEs throughout Europe.

Resources needed

O.P. ESF Abruzzo 2007-2013, Multi-Axis Special Specific Objective 2.1.1: Qualify innovation in an innovative way by fostering the creation of networks between universities, research and technology centers, and the producers. Allocated funds for the measure were: 1,6 mln €

Evidence of success

Funded research grants: 73
New innovative companies: 23
Voucher (work experience): 125 (78% Italy, 22% Europe)
Work grants: 58
Voucher (work experience in Abruzzo): 59

Potential for learning or transfer

The methodology for connecting different interregional and international SMEs through the involvement of young researchers promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences on interregional and transnational basis among enterprises in order to enhance competitiveness and support development.
Concernin on mobility vouchers, policy makers could develop similar initiatives with specific reference to the internationalization of SMEs: for example, the use of young researchers who help a European SME that hosts them to develop the necessary product innovations to make it suitable by the market from which they come.

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Main institution
Abruzzo Region
Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2014
End Date
January 2015


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