In a village of less than 300 inhabitants every year an Urban Art Festival is organized for revitalize degraded buildings and catch attention of the public
Through first a mural painting contest (years 2016, 2017, 2018) aimed to revitalize degraded buildings in the town and later (years 2019, 2020) through a meeting of artists called GUAU (Galería de usos de arte urbano), an open-air museum is being created in the village. Every year 3 different street-urban artists are invited to live and work during a week in Torrellas, interacting with the neighbors to have inspiration to create a work of art in the walls or doors of the village that the inhabitants of Torrellas offer for this purpose. As a consequence, the town is positioning itself as a place of reference for street art having an important number of visitors, which is rising every year, and the idea is inspiring other nearby villages such as Fuendetodos.

Resources needed

Each edition is organized by the councilor for culture of the City Council and has a budget of 7.800 € divided in the accommodation for the artists (1.950 €), forklift rental for doing the mural paintings (1650 €) and the fee payed to the artists (4.200 €)

Evidence of success

During the summer guided tours are organized with groups of 25 people, and visits arranged with formal groups (associations, institutions ...) for a total of 300 participants. Day by day, an important influx of visitors to the town has been noticed, impossible to quantify because they are informal groups, but estimated in 250 people, according to the brochures of the routes of murals and doors that are distributed by the local Bar. The activity has had a significant impact on the media.

Potential for learning or transfer

Several localities in the surroundings, mainly from the regions of Aragon and Navarra, have contacted the City Council to replicate the experience and have information about the organization in order to implementate similar activities in their localities. In the near village of Fuendetodos some artist that have participated in GUAU! have had requests to carry out their work following the inspiration of Torrellas-

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Main institution
Ayuntamiento de Torrellas
Aragón, Spain (España)
Start Date
December 2020
End Date


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