At RAM Pharma a Fresnel collector for solar process heating was installed, providing process steam at up to 200°C, saving primary energy sources.
RAM Pharma is a major pharmaceutical company in Jordan, was established in 1992 for the manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products. Project partners are RAM Pharma, GIZ and Industrial Solar. Industrial Solar is a leading solution provider for solar process heating and solar thermal cooling.
RAM Pharma is the first company in the world to generate process steam with a solar Fresnel collector to cut its fuel consumption and increase its competitiveness. The system from Industrial Solar provides steam at 160 ˚C, operates parallel to the existing boiler and increases the reliability of the steam supply at Ram Pharma.
The mirrors of the Fresnel collector track the sunlight uniaxially and concentrate the irradiation onto an absorber tube. Thereby temperature of up to 400 ˚C can be achieved. The collector can be operated with pressurized water, thermo-oil or generate steam directly. The collector has a modular design with low wind and structural loads and thus can easily be installed on roof tops.
- At RAM Pharma, the Fresnel collectors generate steam directly. After passing through a buffer tank the steam is fed directly into the distribution grid of the factory.

Total project costs: 360 k€
Payback period: 7 years
Installed capacity: 230 kW

Through the PPP the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) provides companies investing in developing and emerging countries with financial and, if required, also professional support.

Resources needed

German development PPP (public-private partnership) programme - Industrial Solar through programme that GIZ implements on behalf of the German ministry BMZ. Energy audit and HR for implementation. Overal PPP project costs: 360 k€ with 50% participation of the company's resources.

Evidence of success

-Project still in operation, continuously since commissioning.
- Performance guarantees successfully passed
- Inter Solar Award 2017
- Emirates Energy Award 2017
- Concentrated Solar Heat Award 2018
- Various visits by national and international delegations
- System evaluated and approved by major international research institute for solar energy (German Aerospace Center)

CO2 Emissions saved: 84 tons per year

Difficulties encountered

- Insufficient awareness by industrialists on solar process heating
- Insufficient awareness by policy makers on solar process heating
- Insufficient demand data availability made project development more difficult

Potential for learning or transfer

Solar Fresnel collectors for process steam generation in southern Europe or Middle East proved to be a cost-effective way to save fossil fuels. This technology can be installed on the rooftop or in the field and is almost maintenance-free. On the contrary to the solar PV, this technology increases efficiency with higher ambient temperatures. Widespread use of Solar Fresnel steam process heating would reduce the levelized cost of energy to a very competitive level. German program is potentially interesting also for other managing authorities as a method to transfer and export technology from the country.

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Main institution
Industrial Solar GmbH
Freiburg, Germany (Deutschland)
Start Date
November 2014
End Date
March 2015


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