Jazz festival 2020 in Corona times - now more than ever!
In 2019, the Jazz Festival was made possible by various sponsors (State of Saxony-Anhalt, “Initiative für Musik”, Lotto-Toto) and was held for the first time. The way of the cultural event should fit into the monastery ensemble. A variety of international stars performed together with regional music associations. With this festival a new kind of musical event was to be established in Jerichow. Beyond the medieval markets, the jazz festival is aimed at a culturally interested audience. Through a targeted marketing strategy and broad-based advertising (video board, advertisements in newspapers, use of the same layout, radio clips), a high number of visitors was attracted this year as well. Many of the visitors had already participated in the festival in 2019, and came back to be part of the 2nd festival in Jerichow. Due to the high quality of the artists, public attention is drawn to this event at the Jerichow Monastery. The Jerichow jazz festival could be perceived as a fixed date and venue in the Germany-wide calendar of high-class jazz events.

Resources needed

Approximately 78.000 EUR; mixed calculation (public funding, own resources and contribution);
Approximately 25 persons were directly involved in organizing the event (Jerichow Monastery Foundation, volunteers, external companies).

Evidence of success

Approximately 900 guests / participants joined the event in 2020. There was a high number of returning audience.
For many artists it was the first concert in 2020 since culture, event management, and artists suffer a lot from the current restrictions due to health protection.
The event strengthens existing employment and is highly appreciated by residents. Furthermore, the event has a large catchment area.
There already are initial plannings for the next festival in August 2021.

Difficulties encountered

After starting the new festival last year (2019), a continuation was in doubt for a long time. With an adapted hygiene concept, the 2nd edition was possible.
Compared to the first festival in 2019, there was an increased effort for a smaller audience due to event restrictions and regulations.

Potential for learning or transfer

Such an event might be a good opportunity to strengthen music and culture in the rural area. The monastery has lots of space and is located in a sparsely populated area – the last aspect might be a disadvantage in “normal” times but in the Corona situation it is beneficial to secure distancing for hundreds of people.
A real live music experience is very appreciated these times by both, artists / musicians and the audience.

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Main institution
Jerichow Monastery Foundation
Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany (Deutschland)
Start Date
August 2020
End Date
August 2020


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