The Reuse centre is a place where each citizen can go and leave or collect reusable good. Is based next to the Center of Serra de' Conti (AN)

The activity involves four Municipalities:

N° Municipality Inhabitants Surface Area (Kmq)
1 Serra de’ Conti 3750 25
2 Arcevia 5028 126
3 Barbara 1482 10
4 Montecarotto 2083 24

In the center, called “L’Alligatore”, managed by the Municipality with the help of some volunteers (pensioners, etc.) the majority of the objects, after a reuse compatibility examination, are “REUSED”. The reused items account for more than 2% of total waste generated and the reuse trend is in constant growth.

The Reuse center does not require payment for withdrawn goods. Because it serves as an exchange on site it does not require particular accounting documents. Only for statistical purpose, weighing (of everything, without distinction of typology) is carried out. No critical issues are reported in the management of the center.
The practice aims at a reduction of waste production.
The main stakeholders are the citizens of the municipalities.
Since the Reuse Center has no separate staff it makes use of the staff of the collection center that involves more than one person per shift. The staff in charge of control the entire environmental center is contracted by the Municipality. There are also Auser volunteers (voluntary association for social promotion).
It is important that the volunteers belong to an association to guarantee their coordination and insurance coverage.

Resources needed

For the establishment of the Center for separately collected fractions, including the Reuse Center of € 500.000 was spent, €80.000 for brick masonry also hosting the Offices. It is not possible to quantify separately the management costs of the RC. The presence of staff in is essential.

Evidence of success

A substantial decrease in waste was noted.
Around 7.000 € a year are saved, considering the average cost of about 180 €/ton for the disposal (collection and disposal).
About 12.000 inhabitants have been involved in this action

Potential for learning or transfer

The practice is particularly important for those public administrations that intend to reduce the amount of waste and, at the same time, act on the ethical and social sense of the people.
An important element is of course the free access of the center which does not provide for payments.
The possibility of transferring the good practice in different areas of our region is also due to the fact that guidelines have been issued for the management of reuse centers.

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Main institution
Marche, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2008
End Date


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Good Practices being followed by

Berthold Schleich

Office of the Regional Government of Styria