Annual meeting of all interested electric mobility project managers of the region of Hesse to present and discuss their projects, approaches and findings.
In Germany and especially in the region of Hesse are running several funded electric mobility projects. Due to this diversity, for organizations and companies dealing with the topic of electric mobility, it is not possible to know every project in Hesse or Germany, even if it would be very helpful for their own work.

Thus, the Electric Mobility Office at the Hessen Agency organizes regular meetings which are not mandatory, at which every project in the field of electric mobility in Hesse reports on its respective development status and on problems, needs and successes.

Those meetings are used as a platform to advance the knowledge gained about electric mobility in all areas of everyday life, to use vehicles, build infrastructure, implement mobility concepts and - most important - to raise user-acceptance of the products developed. Furthermore, it is a platform to get to know all the electric mobility project managers in Hesse.

The meetings always do achieve high participation because it is the only organized meeting in the region where all electric mobility project managers can come together and speak exclusively about their projects.

Resources needed

The financial resources needed depends on the number of guests who are invited. Needed are a meeting location, catering and resources for the organization of the meeting.

Evidence of success

At least 30 project managers attend to every meeting to report on their project´s respective development status. Everybody has the possibility to gather new contacts and to develop or adapt their own project based on the results of other projects.

So, every attendee increases her or his knowledge about electric mobility during those meetings and can continue her or his work in the project with new information.

Difficulties encountered

When an organization starts to organize such a meeting, it needs to work together with ministries or funding offices who do have a list of all projects funded at the moment to get in contact with all respective project managers.

Potential for learning or transfer

Every state/country can organize such a meeting for electric mobility project managers to report on their projects.

If the knowledge exchange is managed appropriately, the probability that the meetings are successful is high, as an exchange about the development, problems and success of projects does help other project managers to not suffer from the same problems or to improve their own projects.
Main institution
Hessen Agency
Kassel, Germany (Deutschland)
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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