Connecting research and test facilities for the benefit of industry towards “Real conditions testing of components & assemblies for offshore industry”
Regions involved have developed a collaborative effort in order to provide a differentiated approach pooling the resources and expertise that can be of interest to several offshore industry actors.
Updated inventory of research infrastructures has been provided for dealing with industrial challenges and technology fields.
Technology fields include New Materials, component testing or new casting processes and materials, among others.
Infrastructures are providing key equipment and services at different steps within the value chain.
Industries can choose where to place their efforts at specific steps or at several ones towards industry solutions
1. Steel Square (S2): Integral Steel process reproduction through pilot plants.
2. IHCantabria, The Environmental Hydraulics Institute "IHCantabria3. 3. BiMEP: An open sea test centre for the research, demonstration and operation of marine renewable energy devices.
4. Mutriku Wave Power Plant: 16 turbines and 16 OWCs giving a total installed capacity of 296 kW. Mutriku is also an An Up-And-Running Test Site for air turbine, control strategies and auxiliary equipment testing 5. Windbox: an infrastructure dedicated to the integration and validation of wind power subsystems. Inaugurated in 2015 thanks to the collaboration of the Energy Cluster, a group of eight Basque companies from the wind sector and IK4 Research Alliance, with the support of the public administration
6. CENER. The National Renewable Energy Centre

Resources needed

The consortium has signed a collaboration agreement which has to be developed and as long as collaboration projects will be identified, resources will also be defined.

Evidence of success

The signed agreement

Potential for learning or transfer

Different testing infrastructures decided to collaborate instead of competing each other in an emerging sector.

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Main institution
Tekniker IK4
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
July 2017
End Date


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