#vialibera is an initiative supported by the city to incentivate a new approach to car-free mobility. Once a month on Sundays 15 km of streets around the city c
The initiative was promoted in the Framework of the SUMP, in fact it arised from a proposal made during the SUMP consultation/participation phase.
It was decided to increase and encourage the Active participation of citizens in the process of defining new «car free routes». Citizens can interact via internet, thanks to the PUMS Portal and make proposals.
For one day each month 15 km of streets are made available for free initiatives.
The initiative has a visual identity, a communication plan has been designed and all the media of the Mobility Agency are involved in disseminating the initiative.
Internet, newspaper, the metro TG and the #vialibera youtube channel have been involved in the promotion and the “storytelling” of the initiative.
A “Call for initiatives” is launched one and a half month before through RSM website (for private and associations)
Citizens were also stimulated to be more active with a photo contest promoted by the City.
Shopkeepers were invited to download a poster to put on the shop window in the occasion of the #vialibera day.
ATAC (the PTO) informed the citizens on the bus line deviations and published a specific map.

Resources needed

The main cost of the practice involves the hours worked by the offices that plan the routes, the communication campaigns, the agreements with association etc.
Sponsorships are welcome within the spirit of the #vialibera.

Evidence of success

The #vialibera has demonstrated to be a successful initiative. It is being reinforced and re-promoted since two years. It is an “empty box”, and the private sector considers it as an opportunity (walking encourages shopping, going to bistrots, bringing children outside, making sport).

Difficulties encountered

A strong oranisation must be in place for succeeding. Many stakeholders have to be coordinated and motivated.
The support of social associations helps foster the take up and continuation of the initiative. The segmentation of the audience is important to target efficiently the message.

Potential for learning or transfer

The practice can easily be transferred. The secret of its success lies in the active involvement of all the “value chain”.
Main institution
Lazio Region
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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