Entities receive training and prepare a report on energy efficiency measures. The best ones receive technical support and an EV charging station.
Electric mobility suffers from several barriers, from the generalised lack of information to the lack of charging infrastructure. In order to counter it, the Azorean Government has set a campaign where entities representing different sectors receive training and prepare a report on energy efficiency measures for their installations which also includes mobility aspects. The best reports receive technical assistance for their implementation and are awarded an EV charging station.
So far, 4 different campaign have been launched targeting tourist installations, companies, industry and schools.
The campaign involves three steps:
1. Participation in a training session (4 hours) adjusted to each targeted sector, including energy related points. Among others, the Azorean energy policy, energy production, energy efficiency plan, illumination and funding sources.
2. Submission of an energy efficiency plan to be implemented in participants facilities composed by the points discussed during the training sessions.
3. Possibility of winning an electric charging station to be installed at the winners’ facilities as well as technical support in the implementation of energy efficiency measures. Winners should provide two public parking places to EV’s charge.
The promotion and eligibility material is made widely available through social media.
The campaign is managed by a multidisciplinary team composed of communication and energy specialists and based on FAQs by the general public.

Resources needed

Multidisciplinary team with energy and communication specialists (20k€/year);
Energy charging stations (5k€/charging station).

Evidence of success

4 training sessions have been carried out so far. 67 participants (30 entities) found them useful and are engaged in writing the reports (19) and in implementing the energy efficiency measures identified.
It has also been possible to award 10 charging stations that will be installed in private premises with public access, complementing the existing network. 8 more charging stations will be awarded by the end of 2020. Regional stakeholder’s engagement shows the growing awareness of these topics.

Difficulties encountered

One of the major challenges so far regards maintenance costs for the charging station which are not addressed by the campaign and may represent an important financial burden for participants, hindering their installation.

Potential for learning or transfer

There is a large potential for learning and transfer. Setting up the campaign is relatively easy. A multidisciplinary team is necessary together with the acquisition of the charging stations. The regulation from the campaign, as well as some of the training material already developed, can be quickly adapted to local conditions. The targeted sectors can also be adapted according to the reality of each region.
This campaign is a very efficient tool to promote energy efficiency and electric mobility, spread information and engage stakeholders while extending the charging infrastructure.

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Main institution
Directorate for Energy - Azorean Government
Região Autónoma dos Açores,
Start Date
August 2019
End Date