Every year the high schools of the Central Macedonia Region participate in the Ecomobility National Campaign, which aims to sensitize and motivate young people
The aim of the campaign/contest is to stimulate young people to approach the mobility and transport problems of the city. Through their experiential activation, the students search of solutions that are aimed at raising citizens' awareness, changing attitudes and promoting the quality of life in their cities.
The duration of the campaign is annual. Student groups, with their work and suggestions are called upon to bring solutions to urban traffic conditions in their city, with the overriding support for the right of free movement and the restriction of access to cities. At the same time, they demonstrate the need for green movement, clean air and the proper functioning of cities. From October to February, they collect data, analyse the problem, make their own surveys and opinion exchange with citizens and authorities and shape their final planning with proposed measures, policies and infrastructures.
The final presentation of the students work is taking place in February – March at special events where they submit their proposals to representatives of Local Agencies, Citizens and experts. A group of experts evaluates the students. There are several prizes for the winning teams such as a weekly educational trip to Brussels, eco-camping experience during Summer etc.

Resources needed

The Ecomobility Campaign is based on the collaboration of ECOCITY with leading Scientific Institutes and Organizations. In total, more than 40 private and public authorities support Ecomobility organization and implementation. The campaign is funded mainly from private and public sponsors

Evidence of success

More than 35 high schools participate each year in ECOMOBILITY campaign. Μore than 400 students participate in the competitive process while at least 8.000 students are recipients of its messages. Correspondingly is also the numbers of adults who, through the involvement of their children or students, become aware of the specific issue of environmentally friendly mobility. At the same time, more than forty public and private actors are collaborating to implement this campaign.

Difficulties encountered

Probably some months befores the most important challenges would be the development of a strong engagement between the interested parties. Now ,the challenge is to find a safe way of the campaign execution due to the new reality of COVID-19.

Potential for learning or transfer

The specific campaign is based on the support of the Ministry of Education, The ministry of Transport and the ministry of Environment together with other public authorities and private bodies and also to the volunteering work of people and experts. It is also based on the belief that motivation and experimental work fascinates the young people and strengthens their desire to work for a better world. Certainly, many other people share the above-mentioned opinion and can easily set up the proper mechanism for organizing a similar campaign to their area/region/country.
Main institution
Aττική, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
September 2013
End Date


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