Promotional Brand to value regional food production by offering a consolidated brand prestige, within the Strategic Plan for Internationalisation of Extremadura
Financed by the ERDF Operational Program of Extremadura under the priority Axes 3 “Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs”, investment priority 3 (d) “Supporting the capacity of SMEs to grow in regional, national and international markets and to engage in innovation processes”, through Extremadura Avante (Public Agency), Alimentos de Extremadura is a seal of identity as well as a common element for the promotion/marketing of the agricultural products of Extremadura.
“Alimentos de Extremadura” contains a comprehensive, rich and varied range of food products and drinks. One of its main objectives is to create awareness and perception of them among consumers at the time it increases their reputation.
Other objectives of this Good Practice are:
• performed promotional activities at points of sale
• carried out joint advertising campaigns in media
• performed sponsorship of acts and events
• collaboration with other institutions
This brand means an opportunity to promote the sector in a joint and coordinated manner, pooling efforts so that broader horizons can be undertaken at a promotional and advertising level, in which the main sales argument to be emphasized in will be the Extremadura origin.

Resources needed

For the development of this Good Practice, the resources needed are:
• Technical staff support: 5 experts from Extremadura Avante
• ALIMENTOS DE EXTREMADURA has a cost/budget of 800.000€ approximately per year (entirely from the OP)

Evidence of success

• Nowadays, over 450 SMEs are registered under “Alimentos de Extremadura” brand
• In 2017 there were carried out the following actions:
- 7 international point of sale promotions in 56 shop, with 70 participating companies & 294 products
- 4 product presentations
- 13 international sponsorships
- 14 international gastronomic events
- Other promotional activities
• This GP has promoted the perception of regional agricultural products and increased their reputation

Potential for learning or transfer

This tool has been available for SMEs since 2008 and it is a successful instrument to promote a given business sector in a joint and coordinated manner, pooling efforts so that broader horizons can be undertaken at a promotional and advertising level. The organisation and methodology carry out by the Public Agency in order to coordinate this instrument can be transferred to other regions with similar needs.

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Main institution
Extremadura, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2008
End Date


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