Support Programme to help SMEs that consider the international public tender market as a business opportunity, within the regional Strategic Plan.
Directly financed by the ERDF Operational Program of Extremadura under the priority Axes 3 “Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs”, investment priority 3d, through Extremadura Avante (Public Agency), the International Public Tender Programme is oriented to facilitate the access and participation of the regional enterprises in international tenders published by multilateral public bodies and, in some cases, by national governments.
It aims to promote the identification and collaboration with potential partners and/or strategic experts, with the objective of increasing the internationalisation degree and the international presence of the regional enterprises participating in the programme. The conditions for participating are: to have their activity in Extremadura region and to be producers/providers of the goods/services addressed to the international markets. SMEs can apply to the program during the first trimester of the year, and it finishes on the 31st December of the running year.
This Good Practice provides:
• Personalised advice in preparation of tender procedures and legal advice
• Commercial travels
• Personalised visits to each of the participating enterprises to develop a correct monitoring of the programme
• On time information about conferences or events related to the programme
• Organisation of training sessions related with the programme to allow the participant enterprises to improve their knowledge and qualification

Resources needed

• Technical staff support: 3 experts from Extremadura Avante + external experts
• Number of Consulting hrs:
- 24 hrs of training
- 60 hrs of consulting (external experts)
- 30 hrs of monitoring visits (Avante staff)
• This PROGRAMME has a budget of 20.000€ approximately per year

Evidence of success

• In 2016, 10 enterprises participated in this Good Practice
- 10 companies received Alerts. Alerts include information about international/ multilateral tenders
- 3 companies applied in international tenders
- 2 projects awarded
• Besides the personalised advice to each of the participating enterprises, this good practice has helped to improve the SMEs internationalisation in the region

Potential for learning or transfer

Essential tool for regional enterprises, SMEs most of them, that not always have neither the necessary knowledge nor human resources to face a public tender. The programme tries to achieve an appropriate qualification in this field, through different working groups by activity sector. These working groups will analyse the more suitable methodology to successfully apply to multilateral tenders
The methodology of work (advice + specific training) can be transferred to other regions or countries with a business fabric with a high presence of micro and small companies that may need this king of support to increase the success rate in the awarding of public and private contracts.

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Main institution
Extremadura, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2010
End Date


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