International network that provides advice and personalised assistance abroad by experts, within the Strategic Plan for Internationalisation of Extremadura
Directly financed by the ERDF Operational Program of Extremadura under the priority Axes 3 “Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs”, investment priority 3d, through Extremadura Avante (Public Agency), this Good Practice provides SMEs with the services offered by the Commercial Delegations abroad.
Germany, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the United States, Morocco, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal and the United Kingdom are part of the Extremadura Avante External Network, from where continued support (on demand) is provided to facilitate the promotion and commercialisation of Extremadura products and services.
Extremadura companies have at their disposal free of charge advice and personalised assistance of professional experts, both for prospecting and for consolidation and growth in the different foreign markets.
The services included under this Good Practice are:
• Resolution of queries
• Advice on the market and documentation
• On-time support as an interlocutor in the follow-up of business contacts
• Providing business contacts at destination
• Creation of individualised agendas at destination
SMEs can access to these services on demand and free of charge, through Extremadura Avante.

Resources needed

For the development of this Good Practice, the resources needed are:
• Technical staff support
• Costs of Promotional Actions Abroad programme are included within the Regional budget bounded to support the Strategic Plan for Internationalisation of Extremadura

Evidence of success

• Services offered/ attended by this Good Practice along 2017 have been: 299 inquiries, 78 databases of importers and distributors, 29 commercial reports, 97 business agendas, 43 importers attracted to the region, assistance in 7 promotional events, 11 meeting points organised in the region.
• This Good Practice has helped to increase the exports of Extremadura´s enterprises as they feel accompanied and supported in their internationalisation activities

Potential for learning or transfer

The potential for learning of this Good Practice has been identified in relation to:
• Efficient public support instrument for the internationalisation of SME´s
• Positive perception of public funding mechanisms
• The external network model (commercial delegations abroad: coordination and operational management)
In terms of transferability, the establishment of an efficient and customised B2B international network that provides updated and practical knowledge can be easily applied by other regions/countries.

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Main institution
Extremadura, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2000
End Date


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