Export Hub Bulgaria is a developing organization, established in 2019 by 12 members with specific activities as info platform, trainings and export program.

The main goal of the EHB is supporting SMEs through partnership, networking, trainings and know-how to give access to their final products to the global market.
The main actors and stakeholders are: Bulgarian SME promotion agency, Sofia Tech Park, Economic Policy Institute, Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association,Confederation of Employers and Industrialists, BCCI, Bulgarian Export Insurance Agency, Soft Uni Academy, Bulgarian Startup Association, Association of Business clusters, University on Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship, Cleantech BG, M3 Communication group, Professional association of Robotics and Automation.
Export Hub BG monthly events: seminars, trainings, forums,etc.Businesses and stakeholders can participate on-line and/or off-line. The lecturers and consultants are experienced experts and leaders from various fields of economics. 15 SMEs after selection among the applied candidates, will be trained and assisted to enter to the foreign markets. The program includes practical trainings, mentoring, advisory support. All services are free.
SMEs have access to the networks, information, trainings, PR and advertisement support, due to the expertise and services submitted by the organization members.
The ecosystem includes different type of institutions, organizations with capacity to improve the SMEs knowledge and skills, for competitiveness and internationalization.
Media partners are involved.

Resources needed

Training premises, co-working spaces, meeting rooms, digital capability,
member organizations mobilize own resources like lectures, experts, mentors, advisors, financial support by OP &funds.
Sofia Tech park host trainings and meetings, as the Export Hub BG is physically situated in STP.

Evidence of success

In COVID-19 situation main activities for supporting of the export capacity building :
-The Export Hub developed over 40 video trainings for Bulgarian SME’s on various topics related to internationalization of the products and services.
-15 companies started training program, mentoring and advisory support to reach the international market with their products
-The Hub provides direct network through virtual B2B meetings on global events: http://ierc.bia-bg.com/bg/biznes_sreshti

Difficulties encountered

The most of the Bulgarian start-up companies are not prepared to promote their products and services to investors and to export their production on the international market. The lack of experience § knowledge in all sectors is a challenge to achieve the goals of the “Export Hub Bulgaria"

Potential for learning or transfer

Good example for coordination and governance between institutions and
organizations with different backgrounds, working for a common goal.
Improvement of the ecosystem for SMEs and start-up services by involvement of different stakeholders, state institutions and organizations, universities, media.
Solidarity and motivation for submitting support for companies despite the COVID-19 restrictions – on-line services developed.
Mobilization of own resources and attracting external financial support from available regional, national or European programs and funds.
The model could be multiplied in different regions depending on the needs and stakeholders, involved in the ecosystem for SME support for solving problems at regional/national level.

Main institution
Sofia Tech Park
Югозападен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
December 2019
End Date


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