REUSE in Aarhus is a new thought recycling site. Here citizens can collect and handover things for free, as an example of Circular Economy in action.
REUSE in Aarhus is a new thought recycling site. Here citizens can hand over things that are suitable for direct recycling. Other citizens can then collect these things for free.
At REUSE things get a new life and thus avoid becoming trash.

The recycling items that the citizens hand in are set up in specially designed containers and sorted on different categories, e.g. “The living room”, or “the bedroom”. We made sure to cover the area, so citizens can walk around between the containers without getting wet from rain. Citizens can borrow a cargo bike to carry large goods home. REUSE is open most days, including weekends and holidays.

REUSE receives approx. two tons of recyclables form the six other recycling stations in Aarhus all which have set up REUSE containers, where citizens can drop of their used goods.
Approx. 90% of recyclables that are coming in will be put out at the REUSE centre.
Of this, 90% again leaves REUSE with one of our 300 daily visitors.

Resources needed

The City Council of Aarhus has granted 300.000 Euro annualy for the REUSE project.

Evidence of success

40 % of the citizens in Aarhus know about the REUSE recycling station
Daily REUSE receives more than 2 tonnes of goods that get a new life. The things have been donated by the citizens themselves.
REUSE receives more than 300 visitors daily.

Potential for learning or transfer

REUSE has become famous nationally as well as internationally, because there is potential in replicating and adapting the simple concept into other places and context.

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June 2017
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