#040Beweegt is a partnership to use the city of Eindhoven as a large-scale living lab for sports and exercise stimulation in public space
#040Beweegt actively contributes to the objectives of the sports & exercise policy of the Eindhoven Municipality. The partnership (Eindhoven Municipality, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven University of Technology and InnoSportLab Sport & Beweeg) actively contributes to vital residents by stimulating sports & exercise. The public space is attractive for free sports & exercise, is accessible to young & old, and encourages encounters. #040Beweegt also contributes to important objectives of municipal policy by deploying innovation and strengthening connections between elite & recreational sport and the social domain.
#040Beweegt organizes research & experiments on sports & exercise in public space more efficiently & effectively. This provides new knowledge about how public space can stimulate healthy behavior and how technological & social innovations play a role in this. In addition, new research & implementation projects have a better starting position by actively building on previous results.
#040Beweegt is a testing ground in which researchers, teachers, students, residents, companies, schools, sports, health & welfare organizations work together on experiments to stimulate sports & exercise. This gives the city a positive image as an innovation frontrunner in the field of sports & exercise stimulation. The partners will propagate through branding & knowledge dissemination what #040Beweegt realizes, and why this can also be interesting for third parties.

Resources needed

This concerns a collaboration in which investments are made mainly from own activities and resources. For InnoSportLab Sport & Beweeg, this commitment is part of the municipal basic financing, approximately € 10,000 per year.

Evidence of success

4 Different types of organizations enforce each other from their core activities, based on missions and objectives that are directly related. The partnership is an important basis for the set-up of living labs in Eindhoven where innovative experiments and impact measurements (at least 25 currently) take place. #040Beweegt also fits into the Vitality proposition in the Brainport National Agenda, as one of the pillars under the objective of "exercise, vitality and prevention"

Difficulties encountered

Initially an frontrunner was missing, which made the partnership more of a consultation and catch-up group. By appointing a coordinator (and opening up a budget for this), more ownership was created, and the problem was solved.

Potential for learning or transfer

# 040Beweegt is an open network in which other partners also participate. The partners strengthen their cooperation in the field of sports and exercise stimulation. The aim of the collaboration is to organize research and experiments on sports and exercise in public space more effectively and efficiently. The type of partnership with 4 different types of organizations that enforce each other from their core activities, is something of an unique value. This kind of collaboration is very useful and effective, but not easy to accomplish. It took quite some time to get acquainted, to learn each other’s complementarities and to find a common approach. The lesson learnt here is that it takes time to come together, but a common name, brand and logo helps to break out of the partners’ own restrictions and go for a new common ambition and approach. This lesson can be applied in many other environments.
Main institution
InnoSportLab Sport en Beweeg!
Noord-Brabant, Netherlands (Nederland)
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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