Providing comprehensive support and individual treatment of individual exporters, potential investors and other interested entities.
Linked to OP for the Implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy 2014 – 2020, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology is upgrading existing support system to companies, to provide comprehensive support and individual treatment of individual exporters and investors, shorten procedure for acquisition of all required documents and information, and search for suitable interlocutors, reduce operating costs for investors, reduce risk of entering foreign markets for companies and investors.
Public agency SPIRIT Slovenia is holder of the practice, organised as a one-stop shop supporting exporters (first entry, expansion to new foreign markets) and investors (domestic, foreign, inward, outward).
Support for exporters covers e.g. information, presentations, business consulting, offices abroad, tailor-made mentoring and training programmes in the field of international business activities, with the aim of enhancing the potentials that exist within enterprises.
Services for foreign investors are tailored to meet the needs of individual company and are free of charge. Support and facilitation of services for investors include information on industries, legislation, taxes and incentive; information on industrial sites and local suppliers; links with industry and local authorities; organisation of fact-finding missions, business and investment conferences and trade shows, support to the existing foreign investors in Slovenia.
The practice is directly linked to the Slovenian RIS3.

Resources needed

The foreseen budget for the duration of the programme 2018 – 2022 is 11,83 mio EUR, out which 3,26 mio EUR is for staff costs (21 employments), 0,87 mio EUR for costs related to the work, 0,35 mio EUR for equipment and 7,35 EUR for external costs and promotion.

Evidence of success

The need to set up the One-stop-shop for internationalisation was revealed in the State of Affairs, prepared within INTRA project. Practice was set in 2016 with an objective to support 5000 companies by 2022 with more transparent and easier accessible information and services concerning internationalisation beyond EU. One-stop shop was established in 2018.

Potential for learning or transfer

Implementation mechanism (direct support) provides combination of services in one place: support to exporters and investors.
One stop shop is also offering the partnership with foreign investors who are already present in Slovenia, program »Business development of the companies with foreign capital« was developed for that purpose. It offers support in identifying needs of the investor and providing tools (i.e. overview of tax incentives for investments and employment, comparison of competitiveness of Slovenia and other countries, financial incentives, monthly overview of public tenders/other instruments available) as well as working with Ministry of Economic Development and Technology to solve specific problems of an investor.

Practice will be transferable in terms of:
- organisational model / implementation process
- policy making process
- methodology for the assessment of the problem to be address.

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Main institution
SPIRIT Slovenia - Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investments and Technology
Vzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
January 2016
End Date
December 2020


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