Aim: training and counselling support regarding renewable energy. Funding: Sub-measure 8.1.1 International Cooperation Project Human Capital Operation Programme
The addressed problem: 1) lack of models related to the development, management, promotion and internationalization of MSMEs’ activities in the field of renewable energy branch; 2) low level of competences of managerial personnel in the field of renewable energy.
Implementation: the analysis and adaptation of good practices (adaptation of Spanish practice), counselling for MSMEs and pilot implementation of adopted solutions (counselling is to lead to pilot implementation of new solutions), general and technical trainings for MSMEs managerial personnel and employees. The objective reached: 19 enterprises( including 78 people received training, counselling support in the field of development strategy, management and internationalization, Beneficiaries/Stakeholders: SMEs, MSMEs, Forms of support in the project: advice, training, counselling, Budget: PLN 828 576.00

Resources needed

Personnel with professional qualifications and experience in international projects management, command of Spanish language and Spanish economy, knowledge related to renewable energy, experience in creating development plans for MSMEs, transferring and adjusting good practice to the Polish market

Evidence of success

The project resulted in providing min. 20 enterprises (78 persons) with trainings/counselling and pilot implementation of the Spanish practice into the Polish market. The enterprises acquired knowledge on how to develop, implement innovations and expand their businesses abroad. The team of project participants (entrepreneurs) and counsellors managed to create 20 individual development (internationalization) plans, 30% of which resulted in expanding their export activity.

Difficulties encountered

Lack of management and development strategy models in the promotion and internationalization of the SMEs from the renewable energy branch. Another challenge was the lack of specialists with managerial skills that could implement the development strategy as well as enter foreign markets.

Potential for learning or transfer

Firstly, Adelante project dealt with the most important environmental issue – implementation of the most innovative solutions in the field of renewable energy sources. Secondly, it also gave MSMEs and SMEs opportunities to expand their business and start combating global issue, that is in particular global warming. The practice and its still actual purpose is worth transferring to any county.
Main institution
Rzeszow Regional Development Agency
Start Date
June 2014
End Date
June 2015


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