A web and mobile based service for citizens' interaction to policy making and problem solving
The city of Kalamaria uses a service to manage problems/incidents located within the jurisdiction of the Municipality. “4myCity” is designed to ease citizens to monitor reports addressed and/or report possible problems/incidents within the Municipality, but also to suggest improvements in the area. Thus, the relevant departments of the Municipality are up-to-date about the claims of the citizens any time (through reliable statistics on the flow and frequency of problems received by the system) and decide and organize their policy to manage the problems/ incidents.
Citizens’ contribution is achieved through:
• reporting a problem/incident identified in an area of the Municipality of Kalamaria
• recording an incident just when it happens – on time
• suggesting ways to improve and resolve a situation
• expression of their complaints directly to the Municipality
All the above, through a user-friendly web interface and mobile app!
A very interesting element of the service is the incorporation of social media illustrations (like thumps) into the interactive maps that can provide a direct citizen’s feedback on problems that other users have identified, thus, avoiding duplications in reporting. At the same time, users can comment to the report of another user. This “confirmation” tool enables the better identification of the most urgent issues, as perceived by the citizens and allow for a more immediate reaction.

Resources needed

Approximately 13.000 € for the set-up of the service

Evidence of success

Approximately 2400 reports and 5000 comments have been submitted by the users within years 2017-2019. Top “confirmations” to other users’ reports are related to the accessibility of the sidewalks and issues of abandoned vehicles.
Within year 2019, approximately 3.500 persons visited the web service (83% increase in relation to 2018).
The Municipality is now able to recognize intervention areas and better organize the supplies necessary for solving all the problems.

Difficulties encountered

The key challenge for the Municipality is mostly related to having the internal cooperating structure and capacity to reply to the issues reported. Another challenge is to convince/ educate the society on the use of the new technological possibilities.

Potential for learning or transfer

This application can be used by any municipality that faces similar problems / incidents within the urban environment and/or wishes to avoid time consuming process. This technique has already been transferred to the Municipality of Ampelokipoi – Menemeni since 2019. Communication with the Municipality of Kalamaria has taken place for exchange of know-how and experiences.
For the set-up of the software, no specific requirements apply, as it is based on open source platform and no special licences (i.e. database) are required.
Main institution
Region of Central Macedonia
Κεντρική Μακεδονία,
Start Date
July 2016
End Date


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