This film festival focuses on the themes of slow travel and journeys on foot along cultural routes, enhancing their narrative and tourism attractiveness
The concept of this Festival is shaped by the idea of "slow travel" which simultaneously takes on the role of source and aim of the event: the framing themes of travel, of traversing, of wandering, declined in all their nuances and acceptations, will be pivotal for the selection of the films on schedule in the different sections.

Part of the festival is dedicated to moments of discussion, exchange of knowledge and technical-professional growth thanks to immersive activities such as round tables - where walkers will meet authors and producers - and, above all, the Travel Documentary School, focused on the practical and operational aspects of travel documentary and the art of narrating a territory through images.

the first edition of "Mònde - Festa del Cinema sui Cammini" was held in October 2018 in Puglia at Monte Sant'Angelo on the Gargano promontory, one of the most important stop point of pilgrimages along Via Francigena.

The aim of this best practice is also to promote the knowledge of the routes as a cultural and tourist attractor in less-known territories, favoring seasonal adjustment and promoting forms of sustainable tourism. Through this practice it is possible to disseminate and involve potential tourists in choosing walking tourism. The main stakeholders of this practice are: economic operators in the film industry sector, regional and national tourism economic operators, general public; the latter the latter are the main beneficiaries

Resources needed

In general the total resources needed for the organisation of this festival is about € 85.000,00 (+VAT), with an estimated number of human resources equal to 10

Evidence of success

The 1st edition of the Festival had a strong impact on the public. Particularly, there was the participation and the involvement of about 2300 people as participants in: photo exhibition, workshops (included the one organised for Greenpilgrimage), cinematographic projections, concerts, matinees for students, the day dedicated to the walk (7 km length walk with about 50 participants on 05/10/2018 and 6 km length walk on 06/05/2018 with 40 participants included some videomakers ), masterclass, etc

Difficulties encountered

The main difficult encountered by the Company organising this Festival is the capacity to collect public funds to be used for the implementation of this activity

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice has a strong potential in order to be transferred in other regions and realities. Particularly, the matter of pilgrimage and, more in general, of slow and green tourism could be promoted through a more effective means such us films and in general audio-visual communication instruments

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Main institution
Puglia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
October 2018
End Date


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