Organisation of joint participation of Slovene companies in international trade fairs abroad (Slovene Pavilion).
SPIRIT Slovenia, sole agency in Slovenia engaged in group fair presentations, organises presentations in key international fairs abroad for specific Slovene industries/branches/sectors. Practice, implemented in accordance with Programme for internationalisation 2015–2020 and Priority Axis 3 of OP, eases the entrance or strengthens the presence of Slovene companies in specific foreign markets. Within joint fair presentations participants get to know products or services in their industries, check their competition, build new or renew old business contacts, and recognise trends in their respective fields.
Selection of companies is done through public call for expression of interest in joint presentations in international fairs. Based on received expressions program committee prepares a final selection of the fair presentations to be financially supported by SPIRIT Slovenia. The final programme of the fair is constructed in a way that ensures the heterogeneous representation of Slovene industries.
For joint presentations in wood industry international fairs, special calls for expression of interest are published. Depending on the shown interest and staff capacities, SPIRIT Slovenia may conduct additional group presentations of companies belonging to the wood industry at fairs abroad.
The annual goals are to achieve at least 15 group fair presentations per year, 20 new contacts per company at the participating fair, 1 new concrete business deal per joint exhibition.

Resources needed

The practice is financed through national public funds on annual basis
through the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. A joint budget of 1.050.000 EUR is available per year, of which 250.000 EUR is allocated for participation in wood-processing industry fairs.

Evidence of success

Results per year:
- 2016: 13 group fair presentations, total of 2.412m2 exhibition area, 140 companies, average 34 new contacts and 3 new business deals per company.
- 2015: 11 group fair presentations, total of 1.820m2 exhibition area, 87 companies, average 49 new contacts and 3 new business deals per company.
- in 2014: 13 group fair presentations, 138 companies, total of 3.381m2 exhibition area, averafe 45 new contacts and 2 new business deals per company.

Potential for learning or transfer

Practice gives practical examples of enhancement of networking between companies for the joint presentation at international fairs abroad through a special process of selecting fairs (public announcement and invitation; programme committee), involving also wood-processing industry as one of the priority sectors under the Smart Specialisation Strategy of the Slovenia.
In this way, practice showcases a possibility how to to support priority sectors specified by regional/national internationalization / smart specialization strategy by supporting presence at international fairs.

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Main institution
SPIRIT Slovenia - Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investments and Technology
Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
January 2014
End Date


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