Joint support-function for clusters and innovation networks (Cluster Excellence Denmark) (CED)
Cluster Excellence Denmark (CED) is a joint cluster support function, offering services as a back office mainly for regional clusters and national networks in Denmark. The support function is financed jointly by the 5 Danish sub-regions (responsible for regional clusters) and The Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants (DAIEG) (responsible for Innovation Networks).

CED help in developing good practice recommendations for cluster managers and practical tools for working with triple helix projects. CED is probably the organisation in Denmark with the broadest knowledge of the innovation system and the role of clusters/innovation networks in this regard. They offer free advice to cluster managers within a broad field (internationalisation of clusters, cluster management etc. and offer courses and platforms for cooperation). Furthermore they offer advice for the financing organisations (national and regional level). The intention of CED was to develop and professionalise the competencies of Danish clusters and network. It has professionalised the performance of Danish clusters and innovation networks during the last appr. 4 years of their existence. CED also manages the EU’s Certified Cluster Label-system (ECEI). The labelling serves as a benchmarking tool for the performance of each cluster according to common standards .

The work of CED is prioritised and decided upon in a steering committee between DAIEG and the regions (the joint Funding partners)

Resources needed

Yearly funding is appr. 670.000 Euro.

Evidence of success

CED is the key entrance to professionalising the cluster-landscape and to the benchmarking system. From the 42 Danish Clusters 13 has got a gold-label, 10 a silver label and 19 have a bronze-label.
CED has developed a large number of tools for clusters to ease a professional administration of the cluster-organisation: Templates for member-surveys, templates for evaluation of projects/matchmaking-arrangements, communication- and strategy-development, internationalisation, acces to funding etc.

Potential for learning or transfer

When cluster-organisations and innovation Networks has the sufficient tools to work professionally and strategically to offer support for SME's and universities/knowledge-institutions in their joint effort regarding research and innovation in the triple helix dialogue the economic development in the region will benefit from it.

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Main institution
Cluster Excellence Denmark
Hovedstaden, Denmark (Danmark)
Start Date
January 2014
End Date
September 2019


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Good Practices being followed by

Veronica Elena Bocci

DITECFER Distretto per le Tecnologie Ferroviarie, l'Alta Velocità e la Sicurezza