The law assigned the Province of Trento the definition of social safety nets and through negotiation with trade unions an intervention model was built
The promoter was the Autonomous Province of Trento (envisaged by the Law, see art. 40) in close synergy with both the employer and trade union partners. Thanks to the agreements achieved through the negotiation / concertation instrument adopted, it was possible to build a single intervention model at national level, which considers the characteristics of the local production system and which also covers workers of very small production realities with adequate guarantees (equity social). The model adopted also made it more acceptable and sharable for employers and workers to participate in higher levels of economic participation than in the rest of the national territory. The implementers of the practice are local small and medium-sized enterprises, employers' associations and trade. A first phase of intense dialogue was activated in the Commission Provincial for Employment, tripartite bodies for the concertation of public employment policies (2010). At that time, the discussion and the necessary insights were conducted both with formal and informal tools. These discussions and negotiations led to the drafting of a PROTOCOL between the Province of the Sync Organizations and most of the employer Organizations present and operating in the Province. Subsequently, in an implementing key, the tripartite consultation and negotiation continued until the establishment of a legal independententity, responsible for the collection and payment of subsidies.

Resources needed

The instrument is financed by Trentino companies, workers and by the Province of Trento. The level of funding from private sources amounts to about 4.5 million each year plus 3 million one-off public funding for the launch of the instrument.
The fund has no management cost for public sector.

Evidence of success

The two purposes "guaranteeing protections" and "implementing the qualification of employment" in micro enterprises are fully pursued.
The partnership is innovative because it expands the protection and opportunities for professional growth and also because it promotes social dialogue in a very difficult area (micro enterprises). Social dialogue becomes a daily practice in concrete terms it is necessary to activate the dialogue between the parties also internally in the enterprises.

Potential for learning or transfer

The tool has a high potential to be disseminated and transferred at least in those contexts where, in a "new welfare" dimension, there is an attempt to build public-private co-participation systems for the financing of insurance-type occupational protections and to guarantee profiles high quality of work and services that accompany the work.
The solidarity fund formulates a new methodology and specific support in those sectors characterized by the absence of protection for small and very small enterprises, providing an answer and a tool capable of guaranteeing checks in favor of suspended workers and their training, thus guaranteeing a valid support for the maintenance of qualified personnel in small companies characterized above all by the seasonal nature of the work activity. In this way it is possible to maintain a trained staff and to guarantee professional working continuity in the sector.
Main institution
Trento County
Provincia Autonoma di Trento,
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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