Project that proposes eco-tourist packages to Italian secondary schools to promote the naturalistic excellence of Trentino to discover sustainable development.
Study visit in Trentino created a new form of school trip and sustainability of tourist flows throughout the year. In fact, this project was born with the dual purpose of diversifying and guaranteeing tourism throughout the year and promoting the concepts of sustainable development and environmental education in schools.
For the province of Trento it was the first structured ideation and the subsequent promotion of eco-tourism packages for students of Italian primary and secondary schools.
With Study Visit in Trentino, ASAT has created a high quality proposal using the collaboration of various structures and realities in the area such as: the Adamello Brenta Park, the Paneveggio and Pale di San Martino Natural Park, Trentino Green Network, and the Agency Travel Bolgia, Primiero Initiative and the Park Quality Association.
Thanks to the social dialogue and the synergy that has been created between the stakeholders involved, we have come to the creation of tourist packages which consist in the proposal of "experiential school trips" aimed at showing and making known the excellence that the territory and the communities of parks and of Trentino reserves networks, pride in the nature and green economy. To achieve the project aim (sustainable tourism), a widespread partnership has been created which through social dialogue has worked to put in place a system and to expand the parceled offer already present in the area.

Resources needed

Total public funding € 10,036 granted on a call for proposals from the Sustainable Development and Protected Areas Service which provided for the granting of a contribution for the implementation of initiatives, projects and interventions to promote the sustainable development of the environment.

Evidence of success

At the end of this process of social dialogue and involvement, 12 different school trip proposals were made for autumn 2017. spring 2018, designed to deepen the different areas of sustainable development, spending 3 to 5 days in the heart of the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Natural Park or the Adamello Brenta Natural Park and was joined by 3 schools for a total of about 130 students and 14 teachers from primary and secondary schools.

Potential for learning or transfer

The path of sharing and involvement of the partnership that created the Study Visit in Trentino project is potentially replicable in other areas of our province and in all the European regions.
In this sense, as soon as the initiative was launched, requests for membership were received immediately from other parks, provincial reserve networks and from operators belonging to territories other than those of the parks initially involved in the project pilot.
It is believed that the social dialogue model can be easily replicated in any area, because the involvement of the stakeholders was very wide and the stakeholders themselves proposed to participate in the project.
The practice can be developed and enhanced in other territorial contexts where there are excellences in the naturalistic and green economy areas and accommodation facilities sensitive to environmental issues.
Main institution
Trento County
Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
September 2017
End Date
December 2018


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