The Trentino's cooperative enterprises federation developed a digital platform aimed at the promotion of innovative actions, services and processes.
The Federation of Trentino Cooperation (TFC) has developed a network welfare platform that aims to create a socio-economic ecosystem, capable of generating bonds of trust between the population and local actors. The platform offers innovative welfare services and tools, which experiment with new forms of collaboration between citizens and local organizations. Consider, for example, a collaboration between a small shop selling food goods in the mountains, and the social workers of a cooperative of assistance services, for a new home shopping delivery service, including support activities for the person in terms of monitoring the health and well-being of lonely elderly people.
Work-life balance, non self-sufficiency, poverty, social exclusion, management of chronicity and new frailties, are needs and opportunities for development, for as many new services that require a rethinking of the activation model within the community, to complement traditional public welfare.
In this complex scenario, the TFC assumes a strategic role as a "territorial coalition actor". The result is the proposal to create a modern ecosystem of territorial welfare, co-designed and co-managed and implemented through the development of a digital infrastructure.
The main stakeholders are: the Trentino Federation of Cooperation which has about 500 companies in different fields (consumption, agriculture, credit and social work), University of Trento, Cooperative Consortia and Single Cooperatives.

Resources needed

LP6/FEASR resources: 494.932,00 € (70% of the total costs of the project)
Total cost 810.000€ divided into 600.000 € for the creation of the platform and 210.000 € Investment in the vertical structure of welfare.

Evidence of success

The tool has a high degree of innovation both in terms of social dialogue and at a technical-digital level.
The experience contains new content and strong social and cultural innovation.
Specifically, access to services and inter-cooperation projects is guaranteed, following an original business to business to consumer to community model (B2B2C2C) and regeneration of the relationship between the territorial subjects responsible for promoting local development (smart community) .

Difficulties encountered

The complexity and outcome of the results require an approach of continuous adaptation to changes, and the creation of a sensory network on the territory involved. For this the project has built flexible and adaptable management tools, useful for dissemination and transfer to other contexts.

Potential for learning or transfer

The platform provides citizens, businesses and the community with various services such as the digital wallet, the marketplace, the contract manager, social networking.
All this starts from an initial dialogue between the different cooperation realities involved and ensures that the social dialogue also takes place in the implementation phase of the tool, allowing the community, businesses and citizens to give light to an innovative policy in terms of high technological value. and participation of citizens and stakeholders in its implementation.
Main institution
Trento County
Provincia Autonoma di Trento,
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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