The mission of ARIA is to support Lombardy Region in the digital transformation of the public administration.
The mission of ARIA , Azienda Regionale per l'Innovazione e gli Acquisti (Regional Company for Innovation and Purchasing of the Lombardy Region) is to support Lombardy Region in the digital transformation of the PA, implementing regional policies through governance-by-data activities.
ARIA is a unique project of its kind , as it is the first in-house company which has been given the mission of designing and managing physical and digital infrastructures and the purchasing cycle of the regional Public Administration.
The main areas of activities are:
- Innovation: ARIA Offers digital innovation to simplify and reduce bureaucracy for Citizens, Companies and Public Administrations. The Region has been involved in a plan of digitalization of all the government activities and service delivery.
- Procurement: ARIA has the capability to award framework agreements for goods, services and infrastructures
As a contracting authority on behalf of the Lombardy Region, ARIA main aims are, among others:
• optimizing the supplying of goods, services and infrastructures;
• supporting the planning of local government spending ;
• simplifying and standardizing the procurement of goods and services:
• promoting and developing the green public procurement;
• enhancing transparency of the whole tendering procedures

Resources needed

ARIA operates according to the "in house providing" model; in particular, over 80% of its turnover comes from the activities implemented on behalf Lombardy Region. The remaining part is allowed only to achieve economies of scale or other efficiency gains

Evidence of success

Created on the 1 July 2019 , ARIA comes from the merge of the two public Companies of Lombardy Region: ARCA S.p.A and Lombardia Informatica.
The result is a HUB of competences to support local authorities in the entire region. The technological infrastructure of ARIA consists of a cutting-edge data processing centre that aligns the assets of Information Technology and business, creating a dynamic infrastructure which can improve services, reduce costs and manage risks.

Difficulties encountered

In its role of Central Purchasing and National Aggregating Entity, ARIA is responsible for optimizing and rationalizing the purchasing procedures in connection and coordination with Lombardy Region and the Ministry of Economy and Finance

Potential for learning or transfer

A similar centralized system could be applied in other Regions as a good practice of an efficient, cost-saving and effective procurement system, able to reduce the burden for Public Administrations to purchase services and goods and for the suppliers, who can present their offers in a simplified way.

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Main institution
Lombardy region
Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
July 2019
End Date


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