The Vitality Living Lab project aims to develop a global unique ecosystem within 4 years for innovation & business creation in the domain of sports & vitality
The core objective of the Vitality Living Lab project is to achieve a global unique ecosystem for innovation & business creation within the domain of sports & vitality. Market opportunities in this area are large, given the rising costs of healthcare (due to aging & an increasingly inactive lifestyle), and opportunities that arise from new demand for health care.
13 Partners from the Cluster Sports & Technology collaborate to strengthen the ecosystem. Through a case based approach (develop public-private collaboration for innovative solutions in practical environments) we realize a vital society with both social & economic impact. We developed a substantially different innovation approach (the BIG picture) in which we developed:
• A data system (vitality information system) to bring together open source public data on vitality
• Tools in the innovation approach for a. idea generation, b. concept testing, c. business model checking, d. concept validation in real life situations and e. business acceleration
• Public-private cooperation around challenges in different neighbourhoods in Eindhoven, Uden, Vught, Helmond
• Innovative solutions (35+) that were tested for validation in living labs
• New businesses (5 start-ups) that respond to the new market opportunities
• A further development of the ecosystem into a new collaboration: the innovation hub for sports & vitality.
This project stimulates new activity and employment and contributes to the economy of the region.

Resources needed

A total of 13 partners are working in a consortium, in a mix of field labs, knowledge institutes and companies, achieving one unified infrastructure.
The budget of this project amount to M€ 4.8, of which 50% financed by the partners themselves and 50% from ERDF / Province of Noord-Brabant.

Evidence of success

In quantitative terms, the following main results are achieved:
1. Enhanced ecosystem based on innovation and business creation for sport & vitality: 1
2. Strengthened number of Field labs / experimental gardens: direct 3, indirect 3.
3. Number of SMEs assisted: 35.
4. Contribution with cases / pilots of gross regional product (on average on an annual basis): 2,5 million euro.
5. Setting up an integral FAIR data infrastructure: 1
6. 10 FTEs annual employment

Difficulties encountered

Traditional innovation does not work in the (societal challenges) area of sports & vitality. We developed new innovation (& value creation) methods in a public-private partnership: government & industry work together to introduce new products & services and test them in a real setting of living labs

Potential for learning or transfer

The project is carried out with an open innovation principle. Not only in the use of data, but also in the use of technology, knowledge, and the innovation/business creation process itself.
Innovation is also necessary in Public Private Partnerships. In the domain of sport and vitality there are important public questions such as control of health care costs, promotion of active lifestyles, strengthening of social cohesion, activating the aging target group, etc. that can be resolved through a more public-private cooperation. A suitable way to achieve this is by realizing pilot projects involving a city that serves as a 'laboratory'.
In addition to innovations of the process & collaboration, the project also leads to product innovations. The developed innovation process makes the ecosystem function better, resulting in more ideas from companies that also successfully enter the market.

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Main institution
Sports and Technology
Start Date
January 2018
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