Tech Valley is an enabler to drive and support business activity and provide high quality employment and skills development for people living in Blaenau Gwent.
Tech Valleys is a £100M Welsh Government programme over ten years to create up to 1,500 quality and sustainable jobs. Focused on Blaenau Gwent and the surrounding area the programme will be delivered through a portfolio of related and complementary projects including inward investment and supporting innovation ecosystem development. The Tech Valleys programme is also supporting existing businesses, building and coordinating relationships with a range of multi level actors and stakeholders and working with individual companies to identify where collaborative investment could help them both grow, develop and become more resilient.

The investment will stimulate job creation and leverage public and private sector investment into the area whilst accelerating the development of high value, advanced technologies in line with our current RIS3 strategy that supports leading edge and innovative industry. Aligning with the Welsh Government Economic Action Plan, the Tech Valleys programme has the principles of growth, fair work and decarbonisation at its heart.

To oversee the programme, the Welsh Government has established a Strategic Advisory Group. This Group provides advice on strategic objectives and priorities and on best practice and learning identified in other regions of the UK and globally. The Group comprises of stakeholders from industry, public sector and academia and membership will be reviewed and refreshed every three years.

Resources needed

Welsh Government co-ordinate delivery with a place-based rather than sector specific approach liaising with policy, business support and infrastructure delivery colleagues. Supported and challenged by an independent advisory group of stakeholders from industry, public sector and academia.

Evidence of success

- Significant relationship building with stakeholders across the region with a range of projects underway and in development.
- A Strategic Advisory Group established to progress and guide the programme.
- Development and roll out of a Productivity Enhancement Programme, utilising the resources of relevant stakeholders to help businesses become more resilient to digital disruption. It is expected that the increased skills requirements will lead to higher wages.

Potential for learning or transfer

Due to the economy of Blaenau Gwent continuing to underperform and lag behind the rest of Wales traditional methods of economic development had not made a positive impact. The Strategic Programme outlined how Welsh Government and its stakeholders (Blaenau Gwent council etc.) worked together to develop and progress a novel economic solution to increase the economic prosperity of this area.
It is a positive example that involving a range of key stakeholders how an all-encompassing strategic economic programme can be developed to help support and develop the economic prosperity of the region. The Programme also uses a strategic advisory group made up of a range of actors including academia, business and public sector to provide strategic direction and advice. The programme also is reflective of priorities contained in the Welsh Government Economic Action Plan.
Main institution
Welsh Government
East Wales,
Start Date
September 2018
End Date
March 2028


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