It is a management, training and informative online tool for Spanish companies which want to join or consolidate themselves in international markets.
Passport Abroad is an online tool directly addressing the main problems which most of private companies have in order to operate in international markets.
It offers the following benefits to their users:
• Development of an individual Strategic Internationalisation Plan.
• To know the keys about internationalisation in the company (insurances, financing, contracts, administrative issues…).
• Having support from the competent Spanish Administration in the internationalisation process.
This online tool contains all the issues related to the internationalisation process. The most important added value lies in the 60 online management instruments currently available which allow, among others to outline the Strategic Plan of the respective SME, calculate the export price of the product, analyse the attractiveness of a market and carry out the economic-financial forecasts of the investments needed to go international/abroad.
The online tool is continuously improved and updated based on the comments of the users as well as new agreements with other organizations involved in the internationalisation of the Spanish companies.
ICEX also offers support meaning that through contacting them via email or telephone they provide help to solve problems or doubts that may arise, both in relation to the operation of the tool or its contents.
It is compulsory to register in the online portal to have free access to all available services.

Resources needed

Online platform offering updated information about all parts in the internationalisation process.
It is required both technical staff for maintaining the platform (uploading information or removing the one which is out of date) as well as others with specific knowledge to answer private companies.

Evidence of success

The main evidence of success is the number of years this online tool has been operating under ICEX management – at national level (more than 10) and the number of Spanish companies which have benefit from its services during this time. For example, the number of users during 2019 was 89.550.
Users also appreciate the quality of the content, the friendly environment of the tool as well as the existence of other means of contact with ICEX if doubts emerge.

Difficulties encountered

Challenge encountered is that rural companies prefer face-to-face contact instead of using digital means (for receiving advice of support). Anyway, this situation is changing because of the requirements in the law as well as the new ways for connecting which are giving priority to online tools.

Potential for learning or transfer

Being aware of the needs of private companies, this online platform could be replicated in any other territory, being managed by the competent public authority in every particular case.
On these grounds, a public entity at local/regional level (Municipality, Provincial or Regional Government – or any related or depending agency with competences in economic development) could implement this good practice. Other potential interested regions should also value the possibility to implement this good practice via Chamber of Commerce.
This online tool in Spain contains more than 60 different functionalities, but, of course, also the content should be adapted and being increased in functionalities once the good practice will be operating in any other territory.
In addition, we all must be aware that due to COVID-19 sanitary crisis, physically advise/support is being replaced by online methods (and this is something that will be probably more strengthened once we will come to the normality).
Main institution
ICEX Spain Export and Investments (National Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism)
Comunidad de Madrid, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2006
End Date


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