Mobile application where citizens can acquire objects, that other citizens no longer need, for free and that are donated and collected at the CAS
Reusapp: in one of its Civic Amenity Site, EMULSA has set up a space where citizens, with EMULSA's permission, can drop off the unwanted objects that are still in good condition to be used by another person. These objects are uploaded by EMULSA to a free mobile app where people can pick them up without any cost. The majority of the objects are electric an electronic devices, childcare materials and toys that are in an adequate state and susceptible to be re-used.
The main goal of this project is to achieve the 50% of re-use and recycling set by the European Union for the year 2020.
An issue that arose was that there have been many robberies in the area where the objects are stored and that only objects in good condition were accepted.
There were also some misscommunication issues with citizens.
The contest where the practice was introduced was the Strategic Business Plan of EMULSA and the Municipal Waste Management Plan.
By the implementation of these practices, EMULSA improved the communication with citizens, increased the re-use percentage and promoted the circular economy in the town of Gijón.

The main stakeholders and beneficiaries are the citizens.

Resources needed

22,500 euros to update the app and adapt an existing space for the temporary storage of the objects that are later exchanged

Evidence of success

1.400 items exchanged 7.000 kg of materials destined to be re-used instead of landfilled, incinerated or recycled

Difficulties encountered

Expand facilities
Include objets exchange with repairing needs, not only good conditions objets

Potential for learning or transfer

The European directive on waste management establishes the need to increase the percentages of objects destined for re-use and recycling above 50%. Likewise, the established hierarchy prioritizes re-use over other options such as recycling, valorization or disposal. The implementation of specific and simple measures to achieve these objectives, focused among other things on reducing the global consumption of raw materials and achieving greater sustainability, should undoubtedly be a task shared by all the regions and countries of the European Union.

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Main institution
Principado de Asturias,
Start Date
May 2018
End Date
June 2018


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Good Practices being followed by

Berthold Schleich

Office of the Regional Government of Styria