This program provides free advice to all business-women who want to set up a business, to extend or renovate them.
The Chamber of Commerce of Motril has a Specialized Technical Support Office in which women will find:
- General of a socio-economic nature
- Self-employment opportunities
- Labour legislation
- Administrative procedures
- Business networks
- Specialized publication
- Addresses of interest
Business advice and guidance
- Self-employment and business management
- Feasibility plans
- Domestic and foreign trade
Market studies: internal and external
- Legal, tax and financial advice
- Employment sources
- New technologies in business management
- Financial instruments
On-line information and advice
In 48 hours, in a personalized way, it will offer answers to the questions about business management raised by the participants in the Business Support Program for Women. They will also find newsletters, available help, self-diagnosis guides and provides networking with other businesswomen.

Resources needed

49.860 euros is the annual budget for the implementation of this project.
This budget includes all the office expenses, such as communication, stationery supplies and the salary of the technician who runs the program.

The technician who attends those women counts with business related

Evidence of success

The project contributes to self-employment among women.
From 2011 to 2018, it has assessed 671 women, and in that same period, 148 businesses have been established by women. As a result, 31 jobs have been created, and during that time, 1,726 personal consultancy have been made.
Therefore, the project is encouraging women to become self-employment and to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Difficulties encountered

One of the main obstacles faced during the implementation of this project is how those women who want to open a business, do so out of necessity, not opportunity. They ask for a business plan and fund grants to establish a business that can improve their work and personal situation.

Potential for learning or transfer

This program helps to boost self-employment among women, improving female unemployment rates in the local economy and job creation.
One of the main factor of success is having a good collaborative relationship with financial institutions. Most of the business projects need funding. So it is needed agreements with banks or public institutions that offer fund grants.
It is needed to get a good business plan, knowing as much details as possible: budget, competition, entrepreneurs profile, legal form of the company, products or services offered, resources needed, financial plan, etc.
Services of tutoring and monitoring are essential to go along with the new businesses in their first steps.
Main institution
Motril Chamber of Commerce
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
June 2018
End Date


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