On behalf of the approximately 1,000 garden monuments in Saxony-Anhalt, the most beautiful parks are combined in this network.
The Garden Dreams Network includes 50 historic parks and gardens that reflect the history of garden design in Saxony-Anhalt from the Baroque period to the present day. These are the most diverse types of gardens: Monastery gardens, botanical gardens, castle parks and many more.
Numerous garden monuments in Saxony-Anhalt were converted, redesigned and not maintained in accordance with the heritage regulations, especially after 1945. Many of the grounds were also unknown. Many owners had/have little knowledge and experience with regard to the culturally and historically authentic restoration, touristic use, and marketing of the sites.

Resources needed

- From 2019: approx. 100,000 annually for project management of “Garden Dreams” (financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Saxony-Anhalt); in addition, approx. 60.000 € membership fees
- Supra-regional marketing: financed by the state-level marketing company

Evidence of success

- Over €60 million has been invested in parks and gardens since the network was founded.
- Permanent guest survey Saxony-Anhalt: 68.5% of tourists willing to return state "parks and gardens" as reason for returning
- The parks attract other tourist infrastructure: in the 50 facilities there are over 40 cafés / restaurants, about 25 accommodation facilities, about 15 souvenir shops and over 20 museums / exhibitions

Difficulties encountered

- Daily park maintenance often problematic, no funding available
- Rare knowledge about care and use according to preservation order, constant communication necessary
- Gardens / parks are not taken seriously enough as heritage and as important locations for quality of life
-climate change

Potential for learning or transfer

The bundling of historical gardens and parks under a joint label ensures that the participating parks have
- A common marketing presence
- A platform for the marketing of their cultural assets or events
- Support in the operation of the facilities, knowledge transfer, knowledge exchange
- Better access to funding due to a higher level of awareness and mediation by an association
Success factors:
- Cooperation between heritage conservation and tourism
- The federal state’s commitment to the garden network’s goals
- Close, continuous communication between the players
- Benevolent cooperation between park owners: mutual motivation and inspiration
The general approach can also be applied to other cultural and natural heritage.
When it comes to coping with the climate change, learning from southern European irrigation systems would be very helpful for the regional parks in Saxony-Anhalt.

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Main institution
Gartenträume – Historische Parks in Sachsen-Anhalt e. V. (Garden Dreams – historical parks in Saxony-Anhalt, registered association)
Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany (Deutschland)
Start Date
June 2000
End Date


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