Actions aimed at promoting and developing the regional context in the aerospace sector.
Regione Piemonte set up in 2005 a coordination body for aerospace sector (the Aerospace District Committee) aimed at representing the meeting-point between the institutions that are active in the region, the industrial sector and the research world. The Committee is composed by public bodies and its steering committee is formed by main regional stakeholders (LE, Research organisation and SMEs). The goal is to promote, animate and develop the regional context fostering aerospace excellence, supporting the matching among LE, SMEs and OR in project development, defining trajectories and favouring the public-private initiatives.
Two main results have been obtained:
- Technological platforms: which represent a link between mature sectors of knowledge and innovative technologies and services. The goal is to encourage partnerships between the public and the private sectors and to define the research and technology priorities coordinating public and private investment in research and development at a European and a national level. Technological platforms bring together industrial world, research institutes, national and regional public authorities, the financial world, user groups, regulating authorities, policy makers.
- Torino Piemonte aerospace: an internationalisation programme and development of the aerospace supply value chain, aimed at promoting the matching among the international buyers and 85 selected aerospace enterprises.

Resources needed

Technological platforms and Torino Piemonte aerospace are financed by ROP-FESR 2007-2013, a framework agreement with Research and University Ministry programme, ROP-FESR 2014-2020.

Evidence of success

The Committee achievements are to be considered at multiple levels.
Regional: promote and include the regional aerospace system within the large international technological and industrial programs.
National: Develop relationships with Italian regions to promote interregional value chains, through appropriate forms of collaboration.
International: Maintain the presence in networks to attract resources and to ensure alignment between the regional strategy and international aerospace programs.

Potential for learning or transfer

This pratice could be useful in order to:
- fostering innovation of the regional system to a further level: establishing a good physical environment in which enterprises, research centers and universities cooperate in order to foster innovation and research;
- Supporting regional competitiveness and reducing the time-to-market: enhancing the industrialisation of products starting from promising technologies;
- Increase collaboration among public and private bodies: fostering public private co-operation in order to maximize the importance of external R&D and the role of Public Research Organisations and higher education institutions in enterprise’s innovation activities.

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Main institution
Regione Piemonte
Piemonte, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
December 2007
End Date


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