Advanced circulation and utilization practice of side products in a wood processing company Oy Kohiwood Ltd. Soini Finland.
The factory has a sawmill and factory for glulaminated wooden panels, where about half of the sawmill production is further processed in integrated production plant to wooden laminated glulam-­panels. Received wood to the plant is about 1.300 m3 a  day.
Side products:  Approx. 200 m3 of bark a day  used as biofuel partly in own power plant, partly sold to other  power plants   Approx. 1.000 m3 of loose wood chips a day  sold to pulp and paper production.     Approx.  150 m3 of sawdust a day partly used for wooden  
pellet production, partly used directly as biofuel in Kohiwood’s own and customers’ power plants.     The processing produces grinding dust and woodchips from  
planning machines, which are used in wood and pellet production.  All the timber material unqualified to final commercial productin the production process is crushed to wooden biofuel.
The sales price of the side products is economically a very  significant part of the company’s financial income.
The wood chips are sold to Finnish pulp and paper production companies for raw material.   The sawdust and bark are partly used in Kohiwood’s own production process drying of wood material and heating of the company’s facilities.  
The rest of the biomass is sold as biofuel for district heating  plants at the distance of max. 120  km.

Resources needed

The biomass is a side product of the Kohiwood’s production process, so it is part of the operational functions of the company. The annual value of circulated side products is abt. 2–2,5 MEuro. Handling
and transportation of the circulated side products employs  abt. 20 people

Evidence of success

Production  of  the  sawmill  and  glulam  timber  panels  would  not  be  profitable  without  the   sales prices got from the side products, so the optimized and effective way to utilize the   side product circulation is a key business factor for the Kohiwood company.  

Potential for learning or transfer

The  practice  ensures,  that  all  parts  of  the  wood  material  supplied  to  the  Kohiwood’s   factory  of  glulaminated  wood  panels  are  utilizated  in  most  valuable  way.  It  saves  primary   wood  material  consumption  in  pulp  and  paper  production  and  replaces  fossile  fuels  in   district  heating  plants.  For  the  Kohiwod  company  the  sale  of  side  products  is  also  an   important  income,  which  makes  abt  15%  of  the  whole  company’s  turnover.      
Main institution
JPYP Business Service
Länsi-Suomi, Finland (Suomi)
Start Date
October 2002
End Date


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